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[Food Service Tools and Equipment]

Accession Number: 1980.236.74

Physical Description: Serving spoon. Three ridge border on either side of handle, stop at pointed end. Handle flares towards end, room for one large and two small raised composite flowers. Single ridge decoration around sides of back of handle, curve into outline of fleur-de-lis at bottom point.

History of Object: Artifact found at Fort Hays with no accession number, April 1980. Pat. #945,347 (Jan.4, 1910) is for machine for trimming blacks for sheet metal shells. John H. Sheils, Wallington, Connecticut, assigner to Zwer National Siver Co., p. 115, Jan. 4, 1910. Official Gazette U.S. Patent Office. Vol. CL. Washington: GPO, 1910.

Date: Between 1865 and 1898

Dimensions (in cm): L: 8 1/8" W: 1 3/4" D: 1 1/4"

Marks/Inscriptions: [raised letters on back of spoon handle] PAT. JAN. 4. 1910 Wm ROGERS & SON AA //

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Associations and Subjects

    Origin, Place of: Hartford (Conn.)

Creators and Contributors

    William Rogers Mfg. Co.

Status: Cataloged

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