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[Food Service Tools and Equipment]

Accession Number: 1980.236.510

Physical Description: Plain, tipped-pattern soup spoon. Handle flares slightly towards end or tip. End has a rudimentary embossed pointed design. Handle tapers abruptly at juncture with the shank which is straight-sided and becomes slightly bulbous at juncture with bowl.

History of Object: Found at Fort Hays in April 1980 with no accession number.

Date: Between 1880 and 1900

Dimensions (in cm): L: 7" W: 1 1/2" D: 1 1/4"

Marks/Inscriptions: [marked under shank of handle] [illegible] ROGERS & [HAMILTON] // [marked at end of handle on top side] D //

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Associations and Subjects

    Origin, Place of: Waterbury (Conn.)

Creators and Contributors

    Rogers & Hamilton

Status: Cataloged

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