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[Lighting Device]

Accession Number: 1972.39.17

Physical Description: Round green-painted opaque glass lamp font mounted on a cast-iron base. a) Pierced, cast foliate base with four legs; gilded. Surmounted by bulbous white glass body, hand painted green with dark green and red roses; ornately pressed band, unpainted above it. Sheet iron cylindrical liner inside body to hold reservoir. b) Brass reservoir tank fits inside body of (a). Ornate egg and dart stamping at shoulder. Burner on top with wide ring for supporting globe and circle of prongs to support chimney. Knob for adjusting wick. Slotted dome at top fuel pump handle on shoulder and capped hole for filling. c) White glass globe. d) Tall, cylindrical top glass.

History of Object: This artifact was probably in Grinter House when the property was turned over to Kansas State Historical Society in July, 1971, by Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hanson.

Date: Between 1890 and 1910

Dimensions (in cm): 38.00 (H) 20.00 (W) 20.00 (D) a) base - H: 11"; D: 7 3/4" | H: 27 cm; W: 20 cm; D: 20 cm b) reservoir - H: 7 1/8"; Diam: 5 7/16" | H: 19 cm; W: 15 cm; D: 15 cm c) globe - no dimension given d) chimney - no dimension given

Marks/Inscriptions: [b-stamped in wick adjusting knob] The Solar / E.M. & Co. || [a-cast into underside of base] 211 ||

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Associations and Subjects

    Origin, Place of: Meriden (Conn.)
    Use, Place of: Grinter Place State Historic Site

Creators and Contributors

    Edward Miller Company

Status: Cataloged

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