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[Lighting Device]

Accession Number: 1979.30.6

Physical Description: Deaccession next ballot2. Parlor lamp with bronze base and center globe and painted glass vase and glove shade a) Base: Square, domed foot, pot metal; gilded; pierced and cast in foliate scrolls; surmounted by vase-shaped milk glass column with hand painted (in blue) scene of windmill in landscape; surmounted by stamped brass collar above which is bulbous pot metal container for reservoir cast and pierced in foliate scrolls; wide mouth at top. Reservoir: cylindrical brass container with hollow cylindrical shaft at center. Shoulders tamped in foliate scrolls. Opening for filling is on shoulder; covered with brass cap. Adjusting knob also on shoulder. Burner Parts: circular with hollow cylindrical shaft through center. Sides and domed top pierced in overall mesh pattern. Wide collar for supporting shade; four upright prongs at center for supporting chimney. Circular mouth at top, circular hole at foot. b) Long narrow, cylindrical neck with low, bulbous body. c) Globe-shaped with low foot. Milk glass. Hand painted overall with scene of windmill, cabin, two sailboats on lake, hilly landscape, and cloudy sky. d-e) metal rods threaded at lower end, bent into hook at upper end. Flat metal washers and square nuts on threaded end. Hooks fit over mouth of shade. Threaded ends, nuts, and washers fasten to collar of burner parts to secure shade.

History of Object: Unknown.

Date: Between 1890 and 1900

Dimensions (in cm): 83.50 (H) 24.00 (W) 24.00 (D) H: 32 3/4?; D: 9 5/8? a) base - H: 55 cm; W: 19 cm; D: 19 cm b) chimney - H: 30.5 cm; W: 6.5 cm; D: 6.5 cm c) shade - H: 24 cm; W: 24 cm; D: 24 cm d-e) support - H: 25 cm; W: 1.5 cm; D: 1.5 cm

Marks/Inscriptions: [a-stamped on reservoir cap] Parker ||

Status: Cataloged

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