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National and State Registers of Historic Places

Kinkhead, George, Barn

Picture of property north edge of Troy
Troy (Doniphan County)
Listed in National Register 1987-05-07

Architect: unknown
Category: agricultural outbuilding
Thematic Nomination: Byre and Bluff Barns of Doniphan County

The George Kinghead Barn was built ca. 1917 near Troy. This three-bay barn is one story, has center and side entrances, and is clad with board-and-battens. It also features a gambrel roof with a full loft and full byre with a brick foundation. Originally, the building was a mixed-use barn. It was nominated as one of the 18 Byre and Bluff barns of Doniphan County. A common feature of these barns is that at least one side of each barn's foundation is embedded in an earthen bank or bluff. These barns are an example of vernacular architecture built to take advantage of the hilly topography of the county and are significant for their relative rarity and architecture.

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