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Alfred M. Landon Research Grants - Past recipients

The Alfred M. Landon Historical Research Grant is presented annually to graduate students for research in the collections of the Kansas Historical Society. more

2017 - Cori Simon, Madison, Wisconsin, Shadowland: Indian Territory’s Contested Past and Uncertain Future, 1800-1910

2017 - Emmanuel Falguieres, Pantin, France, Constructing Space and Building Communities. A Social and Spatial History of Rural Communities in Western Kansas, 1890-1930

2016 - Courtney Buchkoski, Norman, Oklahoma, for Anglo Settlement of the Kansas territory and morally driven westward migration

2016 - Bryan Winston, St. Louis, Missouri, for Mexican Corridors: Policy and Migration Flows through the Central United States, 1900-1970

2016 - Emilie J.  Raymer, Vienna, Virginia, for Toward a Human Ecology: James C. Malin’s Ecological Approach to Social Change, 1920-1950

2015 - Anna Holdorf, St. Louis, Missouri, for From Plow to Pump: Agriculture and Environment in the Kansas Oil Industry

2015 - Kyle Williams, New Brunswick, New Jersey, for Kansas Oil War, 1904-1905

2015 - John Suval, Madison, Wisconsin, for Dangerous Ground: Squatters, Statesmen, and the Rupture of American Democracy, 1830-1860

2014 - Amy Bergseth, Norman, Oklahoma, mid-19th-century community study of the Kansas Territory tribes who eventually relocated to Ottawa County, Oklahoma

2014 - Jaclyn J. S. Miller, Lawrence, dissertation research “Financing the Frontier: Bankers and the Development of the High Plains, 1870-1941

2013 - Alison Hadley, life history of red pipestone artifacts at Great Bend Aspects sites in Kansas

2012 - Cherie L. Weible - Literacy and Libraries on the American Frontier

2012 - Jeff Wells - Editors and Publishers of the Farmers Alliance and People's Party

2012 - Adrienne Dunn - Exploring Female Exodusters in Kansas

2011 - Mary Peterson Zundo - The View From Above: Picturing the Kansas Prairie Empire, 1854-1880

2010 - Kevin Hoskins - The Populist Reaction to the Cuba Revolution and the Spanish-American War

2009 - Cara Burnidge - Charles Sheldon in Kansas Politics and Society

2009 - David D. Vail - Kill That Thistle: Rogue Sprayers, Bootlegged Chemicals, and the Kansas Chemical Laws, 1950-1980

2008 - Brie Swenson Arnold - Competition for the Virgin Soil of Kansas:  Gender and Northern Political Culture in the Move Toward Civil War

2008 - Kristen K. Epps - Masters and Slaves on the Kansas-Missouri Border, 1854-1865

2007 - Erin Brown - Late 19th & early 20th century development of former cattle towns, Abilene, Dodge City and Wichita, Kansas”

2006 - Luke C. Ryan - The Indians Would Be Too Near Us’: Paths of Disunion in the Making of Kansas, 1825-1861

2005 - Robin Hanson - Examining the involuntary displacement of the small rural communities of Broughton and Irving, Kansas and the subsequent continuation of a community identity

2004 - Julie Courtwright - project - An Environmental and Cultural History of Prairie Fire on the Great Plains

2004 - Luke C. Ryan - project - The Indians Would Be Too Near Us': Paths of Disunion in the Making of Kansas, 1825-1861

2003 - Lisa Anderson, project - politics of Prohibition, 1869-1933

2003 - Susan de Weese, project - Woman's Relief Corps in Gilded Age America

1999 - Kathleen Du Val, project - Indian-White Dipolmacy in Kansas, and Shelly Berger, project Hallman Archeological Site

1997 - Kent A. Cutis and Dale E. Nimz, Lawrence

1997 - Thomas M. Slopnick, Willington, Connecticut

1995 - Joseph W. Creech, Jr., Notre Dame University

1995 - Robert K Irvine, Kansas State University

1995 - Joanne E. Passet, University of Wisconsin

1995 - Rusty L. Monhollon, University of Kansas