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Alfred M. Landon Research Grants - Past recipients

Alfred M. LandonThe Alfred M. Landon Historical Research Grant is presented annually to graduate students for research in the collections of the Kansas Historical Society. The total amount available is $1,000. The submission deadline for the Landon Research Grants Award is April 15.  The award will be awarded each summer for research to be conducted in the collections of the Historical Society during the following fiscal year (beginning July 1). Find a list of past recipients.

The Alfred M. Landon Historical Research Grant is presented annually to graduate students for research in the collections of the Kansas Historical Society. more

2019 - Ali Kardatzke, Home and Hospital: The Civil War Origins of Veteran Healthcare in America

2019 - Spencer King, How the Civil War changed ideas about martial masculinity in the West by blurring the lines between volunteer and career soldiers and drawing a line between enlisted and guerrilla soldiers

2018 - Jeff Williams, Columbia, South Carolina, Colored Lawyer, Topeka, Kansas: Elisha Scott’s Fight for Social Justice

2017 - Cori Simon, Madison, Wisconsin, Shadowland: Indian Territory’s Contested Past and Uncertain Future, 1800-1910

2017 - Emmanuel Falguieres, Pantin, France, Constructing Space and Building Communities. A Social and Spatial History of Rural Communities in Western Kansas, 1890-1930

2016 - Courtney Buchkoski, Norman, Oklahoma, for Anglo Settlement of the Kansas territory and morally driven westward migration

2016 - Bryan Winston, St. Louis, Missouri, for Mexican Corridors: Policy and Migration Flows through the Central United States, 1900-1970

2016 - Emilie J.  Raymer, Vienna, Virginia, for Toward a Human Ecology: James C. Malin’s Ecological Approach to Social Change, 1920-1950

2015 - Anna Holdorf, St. Louis, Missouri, for From Plow to Pump: Agriculture and Environment in the Kansas Oil Industry

2015 - Kyle Williams, New Brunswick, New Jersey, for Kansas Oil War, 1904-1905

2015 - John Suval, Madison, Wisconsin, for Dangerous Ground: Squatters, Statesmen, and the Rupture of American Democracy, 1830-1860

2014 - Amy Bergseth, Norman, Oklahoma, mid-19th-century community study of the Kansas Territory tribes who eventually relocated to Ottawa County, Oklahoma

2014 - Jaclyn J. S. Miller, Lawrence, dissertation research “Financing the Frontier: Bankers and the Development of the High Plains, 1870-1941

2013 - Alison Hadley, life history of red pipestone artifacts at Great Bend Aspects sites in Kansas

2012 - Cherie L. Weible - Literacy and Libraries on the American Frontier

2012 - Jeff Wells - Editors and Publishers of the Farmers Alliance and People's Party

2012 - Adrienne Dunn - Exploring Female Exodusters in Kansas

2011 - Mary Peterson Zundo - The View From Above: Picturing the Kansas Prairie Empire, 1854-1880

2010 - Kevin Hoskins - The Populist Reaction to the Cuba Revolution and the Spanish-American War

2009 - Cara Burnidge - Charles Sheldon in Kansas Politics and Society

2009 - David D. Vail - Kill That Thistle: Rogue Sprayers, Bootlegged Chemicals, and the Kansas Chemical Laws, 1950-1980

2008 - Brie Swenson Arnold - Competition for the Virgin Soil of Kansas:  Gender and Northern Political Culture in the Move Toward Civil War

2008 - Kristen K. Epps - Masters and Slaves on the Kansas-Missouri Border, 1854-1865

2007 - Erin Brown - Late 19th & early 20th century development of former cattle towns, Abilene, Dodge City and Wichita, Kansas”

2006 - Luke C. Ryan - The Indians Would Be Too Near Us’: Paths of Disunion in the Making of Kansas, 1825-1861

2005 - Robin Hanson - Examining the involuntary displacement of the small rural communities of Broughton and Irving, Kansas and the subsequent continuation of a community identity

2004 - Julie Courtwright - project - An Environmental and Cultural History of Prairie Fire on the Great Plains

2004 - Luke C. Ryan - project - The Indians Would Be Too Near Us': Paths of Disunion in the Making of Kansas, 1825-1861

2003 - Lisa Anderson, project - politics of Prohibition, 1869-1933

2003 - Susan de Weese, project - Woman's Relief Corps in Gilded Age America

1999 - Kathleen Du Val, project - Indian-White Dipolmacy in Kansas, and Shelly Berger, project Hallman Archeological Site

1997 - Kent A. Cutis and Dale E. Nimz, Lawrence

1997 - Thomas M. Slopnick, Willington, Connecticut

1995 - Joseph W. Creech, Jr., Notre Dame University

1995 - Robert K Irvine, Kansas State University

1995 - Joanne E. Passet, University of Wisconsin

1995 - Rusty L. Monhollon, University of Kansas