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American Indian Homes in the Central Plains - Republic

Guided tour—Pawnee Indian Museum State Historic Site, Republic


Pawnee Indian VillageHow did people of the Pawnee Nation who lived in the Central Plains build their homes?  What natural supplies did they use?  What does an earth lodge look like? Did the Pawnees also live in tipis?  Come to the Pawnee Indian Museum to find the answers to these questions and to learn about the homes of other Plains Indians including the Kansa, Wichita, and Cheyenne.

This guided tour addresses both Kansas and Nebraska history and reading standards. Teachers will also be provided with pre-and post-visit materials for use in their classroom.  Included with these materials is the Read Kansas! "American Indian Homes in Kansas" lesson. Teachers might also be interested in either of these educational resource trunks: "Indian Homes in Kansas"  or "Uses of the Buffalo".

Kansas standards addressed:

Kansas Standards for History Government and Social Studies

Standard #5: Relationships among people, places, ideas, and environments are dynamic.

  • 5.1:The student will recognize and evaluate dynamic relationships that impact lives in communities, states, and nations.

Kansas College and Career Ready Standards

  • SL.1.3: The student will ask and answer questions about what a speaker says in order to gather additional information or clarify ideas, thoughts, and feelings.

Download PDF with tour information for Kansas schools

Nebraska educational standards addressed:

Nebraska Social Studies Standards for first or second grade

  • SS 1.1 Students will demonstrate an understanding that history relates to events and people of other times and places.
    • Recognize that people, places, adn things change over time.
  • SS 1.3 Students will compare the relative location of people, places, and things.
    • Locate land and water on simple maps, globes or other models using cardinal directions and map symbols
  • SS 1.4 Students will recognize that climate location, and physical surroundings affect the lives of people.
    • Discuss how the environment influences that food clothing, shelter, transportation and recreation.

Download PDF with tour information for Nebraska schools

Floor of Pawnee Earth LodgeCost per student is $6 (including general admission.)  One adult enters free for every 10 students.  Additional adults pay the student rate.

Length of tour:  approximately one hour.

Number of students in a group:  for the best experience, we recommend approximately 30 students per tour. For larger groups please contact the Site administrator.

Registration and scheduling: contact the site administrator at 785-361-2255; or email Pawnee Indian Museum. Tours must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance.

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