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Annual members meeting

145th Kansas Historical Foundation Annual Meeting

November 6, 2020
Kansas Historical Society, Topeka

Held the first Friday in November at the Kansas Historical Society, the annual members meeting includes election of officers, executive committee, and members of the board of directors; treasurer report, and committee reports.

See an exciting announcement from the meeting.


Article VIII of the bylaws of the Kansas Historical Foundation provides that the names of nominees to be voted on at the annual meeting of the Foundation shall be approved by the executive committee and given to the membership of the Foundation by publication at least 30 days prior to the annual meeting.

Slate of Officers

In compliance with this provision, the nominating committee will submit a slate of nominations for election before the next annual meeting on Friday, November 5, 2021, after approval by the executive committee in August 2021.

The annual meeting includes presentations of the Alfred M. Landon Historical Research Grants, Edgar Langsdorf Award, and the Edward N. Tihen Historical Publication Awards, and recognition of retiring and honorary board members and executive committee members.

Further information available at KSHS Membership, 785-272-8681, ext. 209.

The Kansas Historical Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.