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Archeology programs

The Kansas Historical Society offers several archeology programs.


Kansas Archeology Training Program (KATP) - held each June, KATP offers a unique opportunity for members of the public to work alongside professional and avocational archeologists. Participants assist archeologists in surveying for archeological sites, excavating sites, and cleaning/cataloging artifacts in the lab.

Artifact identification - join us for our artifact ID information sharing events.

Classroom Materials

Project Archaeology - a project for the classroom, different units were developed and are available for distribution to classrooms across the state. Each of the units consists of three parts: the student magazine, student journal, and teacher guide. Materials available for free.

Puzzles from the Past: Solving Problems Through Archeology - our traveling resources trunk for middle and high school.

A Place to Call Home - designed primarily for middle school, four units, each unit of was created as a companion study guide for Kansas Archaeology Week. Materials available for free.

Kansas Archaeology Week posters - find a series of posters produced by the Kansas Historical Society from 1994 to 2002, offering activities for the classroom.


Antiquities Act - to conserve significant archeological remains on state, county, and municipal lands.

Contract archeology - review process to evaluate the potential impact of highway projects on cultural resources.

Section 106 consultation - review process to protect cultural resources related to federally funded or permitted projects.

Site protection - approximately 3,000 projects are reviewed each year for potential effects on the state's historic and archeological resources in accordance with federal and state laws.

Unmarked Burial Sites - protecting unmarked burials in Kansas and the human remains and associated objects that come from them.