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As Published - February 1936

February 1936 (vol. 5, no. 1, pages 105 to 111.)
Transcribed by lhn; additional HTML by Susan Stafford;
digitized with permission of the Kansas Historical Society.

Phillips county history is being discussed at length in W. M. Parham's column, for some time a regular feature of the Logan Republican.

Allamead community of Lincoln county in 1882, and Boston Corbett as a preacher, were recalled by A. Boyer in the Seneca County Press, of Seneca Falls, N. Y., January 23, 1935. The article was republished in the Lincoln Sentinel-Republican and The Lincoln County News February 21. More information about Boston Corbett's activities were contributed by Gomer T. Davies in a letter in the News February 28.

Cawker City's library history, by Mrs. Adele Jennings, librarian, appeared in the Cawker City News in its issues from February 21 to May 2, 1935, inclusive.

The rivalry of Glen Elder and Beloit for the county seat of Mitchell county was recounted briefly in the Glen Elder Sentinel February 28, 1935.

Pioneer life in north-central Kansas was described by Mrs. Mary E. Darrow in the Simpson News March 7,1935.

"Early County Genealogy" is the title of a regular column in the McPherson County Advertiser, of McPherson. It began in the issue of March 22, 1935.

The early history of the Simpson Baptist Church was reviewed in the Simpson News April 4, 1935. The church observed its fiftieth anniversary March 31.

Early school days at Rocky Hill district, Lincoln county, were recalled in The Lincoln County News, of Lincoln, April 4, 1935. The school dates from the early 1870's.

A stockade erected near present Alexander on the old Fort HaysFort Dodge trail was described briefly by Nels Olson in the La Crosse Republican May 2, 1935.

The story of the migration from Mexico in 1900 of eighty German-Russians to join their kinsmen in Russell was related in The Russell County News, of Russell, May 16, 1935.



A resume of an article describing the first acid treatment of oil wells in Kansas, published in the Oil and Gas Journal of Tulsa, Okla., was printed in the Russell Record May 16, 1935. The first well treated in Russell county was on January 22, 1933. Another article on this subject was contributed by John G. Staudt to the Record August 8.

St. John Lutheran Church of Kensington observed the fiftieth anniversary of its founding last spring. A history of the organization was sketched in the Kensington Mirror May 16, 1935.

Brief histories of the municipal bands of Russell, Lucas, Luray, Osborne, Beloit, Sylvan Grove and Cawker City appeared in the "Band Convention Issue" of the Lucas Independent June 6, 1935.

The diary of T. P. Alexander, pioneer hardware merchant of Florence, is being printed serially in the Florence Bulletin, starting with the issue of June 13, 1935. The diary runs from August 11, 1883, to a short time before Mr. Alexander's death in 1912.

Several stories about men and women who helped to build the Southwest were contributed by Mrs. India H. Simmons to the Dodge City Daily Globe during the summer months of 1935. Commencing with the issue of November 23, the Globe began a new series by Mrs. Simmons called "Southwest History Corner." These articles, published weekly, feature the narratives of pioneer men and women of the Southwest.

The early history of the Presbyterian church at Minneapolis and the organization of the Presbyterian church at Bennington were recounted in The Lincoln County News, of Lincoln, July 4, 1935. The article, by Rev. Win. B. Cary, was reprinted from the New York Observer of July 22, 1874.

Early-day Cawker City was briefly described by Katherine Green in the Cawker City Ledger July 18, 1935.

Reminiscences of Harry H. Wolcott as a printer on T. E. Leftwich's Larned Optic were recorded in a three-column article in the Larned Chronoscope July 25, 1935.

The first annual convention of Kansas county clerks was held in Topeka January 19, 1887. The Kansas Official, of Topeka, made a brief report of this meeting in its August, 1935, issue.

Kansas' early forts were named and described briefly in the Dodge City Journal August 1, 1935.


"Tragedies," a story recalling several fatal accidents in the Luray community during the past thirty years, was printed in the Luray Herald August 1, 1935.

An account of the relief furnished Harvey county during the winter of 1874-1875 as recorded in the diary of C. W. Ives, pioneer resident, was published in the Marion Review September 11, 1935.

The fiftieth anniversary of the founding of Oakley was celebrated September 12, 1935. Historical articles and early-day pictures, in addition to a regular series contributed by Clarence Mershon, were printed for several months preceding the event, in the Oakley Graphic. Mr. Mershon's "History of Oakley" still continues as a weekly feature.

Horton history was outlined in the Horton Headlight and The TriCounty News in their issues of September 16, 1935. Horton was incorporated September 20, 1887.

A history of School District No. 9, Grant township, Marion county, by Mrs. Edith Phillips Collett, appeared in the MarionRecord September 19, 1935.

The fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the Syracuse Presbyterian Church was observed September 22, 1935. The Syracuse Journal gave a brief review of the church's history on September 20.

"Some Lost Towns of Western Kansas," by Rebecca Wells Taylor, and "Rabbit Drives in Kansas," by L. D. Wooster, were historical features of The Aerend, quarterly publication of the Fort Hays Kansas State College, in its fall, 1935, issue.

A series of articles entitled "Early Day History of Hamilton County" was contributed by George F. Rinehart, of Glendora, Calif., to the Syracuse Journal for several weeks beginning September 27, 1935. Mr. Rinehart was a resident of Syracuse in the middle 1880's.

Bethel School, District No. 8, east of Lincolnville, celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of the erection of its present building with a special program September 27, 1935. The history of the school was sketched in the Marion Review and Record October 3.

Notes on old Plymouth and Lane's fort in Brown county by George A. Root and George J. Remsburg appeared in an article by Mr. Remsburg in the Horton Headlight October 3, 1935.

Garden City during the "boom" of the 1880's was described briefly in the Garden City Daily Telegram October 3, 1935.


Several dead post offices of Russell county were listed in The Russell County News, of Russell, October 3, 1935.

Arrington history was reviewed in The Tri-County News, of Horton, October 3, 1935. The leading article, "Community History of Arrington," was by J. M. Miller.

Early-day history of New Malden community, Atchison county, was recounted by G. W. Carpenter, of Horton, in the Horton Headlight October 7, 1935.

The organization and early history of Haskell county's Sunday schools were discussed in the Sublette Monitor October 10, 1935.

Bunkerhill in 1875 was described briefly in the Bunkerhill Advertiser October 10, 1935.

The Meade Globe-News issued a special historical edition October 24, 1935, celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the incorporation of Meade Center as a third-class city. Leading articles were: "Carrie S. Anshutz Tells of the Early Settlement of Meade County," "Frank Fuhr Gives Partial List of Business Men on Square," and "Meade Center Incorporated as Third-class City October 21, 1885."

Early-day Kirwin is being described by F. E. Young, of Stockton, in the Phillipsburg News. His articles began October 31, 1935.

Meade county's early boundaries were discussed in the Meade Globe-News October 31, 1935. The county was organized November 4, 1885, with its present boundaries.

John R. Walden's column, "Early History of Clark County," has been revived and is appearing regularly in The Clark County Clipper, of Ashland, starting October 31, 1935. The previous series began September 13, 1934.

Early observances of Thanksgiving in Kansas were mentioned by Kirke Mechem in Progress in Kansas, of Topeka, in its issue of November, 1935, and by Cecil Howes in the Kansas City (Mo) Times November 28, 1935.

Hays high-school history was sketched by Kathryn McLain in the Hays Daily News November 11, 1935. High-school subjects were first available to Hays students in 1885.

"Dramatic Kansas," a paper read by Olin Templin of Kansas University in Iola November 18, 1935, was reviewed in the Iola Daily Register November 19. It sketched the territorial history of Kansas.


Wichita banking history from 1877 to 1916 as compiled by Frank O. Carr was discussed in Victor Murdock's front-page feature article in the Wichita (Evening) Eagle November 19, 1935.

A history of the Ellsworth Reporter was briefly sketched in its issue of November 21,1935. The Reporter has been published sixty-four years.

The Hornet, mimeographed organ of the Sun City schools, issued an attractive sixteen-page edition November 21, 1935, featuring the history of Sun City and vicinity.

Kansans in Congress during the first thirty years of statehood were discussed by David D. Leahy in the Wichita Sunday Eagle in its issues from November 24 to December 15, 1935, inclusive.

"Can't Agree on Ware Poem" was the title of a short article by Cecil Howes in the Kansas City (Mo.) Star November 26, 1935, reviewing several accounts of how and where Eugene Ware wrote his poem commemorating Admiral Dewey's victory in Manila Bay.

Excerpts from Saline county's official minute books of 1860 and 1861 were printed in the Salina Journal November 26, 1935.

"Thanksgiving Often Came in Midst of Hard Times, But Old-Timers Celebrated Anyway," was the title of Harry Johnson's article in the Garnett Review November 28, 1935. Mr. Johnson is a frequent contributor of historical articles to the Review.

Arthur Selleck's reminiscences of his experiences in Cloud and Mitchell counties in the 1870's as written for a meeting of the Mitchell county old settlers were printed in the Simpson News, November 28, 1935.

The history of the Garden Plain Methodist Church was briefly reviewed in the Cheney Sentinel November 28, 1935. The church was organized in 1885 by the Rev. E. C. Beach.

"Buffalo, Once Here in Millions, Now Almost Vanished From Earth," was the title of an article by John G. Ellenbecker in The Marshall County News, of Marysville, November 28, 1935.

An Indian scare in Kirwin and vicinity in the fall of 1878 was mentioned in the Kirwin Kaman November 28, 1935.

Some of the first automobiles in Dodge City and their owners were recalled in the Dodge City Daily Globe November 28, 1935.


A two-column history of the Cultus Club, a woman's organization of Phillipsburg, was printed in The Phillips County Review, November 28, 1935.

Springs in the Flint Hills and the part they played in the early history of Kansas were discussed by Milton Tabor in the Topeka Daily Capital December 1, 1935.

Two Allen county churches-the First Methodist Church of Iola and the Humboldt Methodist Church-celebrated the seventy-fifth anniversaries of their founding during the week starting December 2, 1935. Brief histories of the organizations were published in the Iola Daily Register December 2. A sketch of the Humboldt church was also printed in the Humboldt Union December 12.

Names of Russell county court reporters of the twenty-third judicial district were listed in The Russell County News, of Russell, December 5, 1935.

"The Lot of the Territorial Governor in Kansas Was Not an Enviable One" was the title of an article briefly reviewing the administrations of Kansas' ten territorial governors, published in the Kansas City (Mo.) Star December 11, 1935.

A history of education in Edwards county as written by L. R. Clark was featured in the Kinsley Graphic's twenty-six page "Christmas Special," December 12, 1935.

Biographies of several Lewis pioneers appeared in the Christmas edition of the Lewis Press, December 12, 1935.

Salina's history and the story of its city government were outlined by J. R. Epp at a meeting of the Salina Chamber of Commerce, December 12, 1935. The Salina Journal reviewed the speech on December 12.

"Col. Jack Potter Recalls Fight Near Dodge City," "An Early Day Doctor," Dr. G. W. Hollembeak's story as told to Ida Ellen Cox; "The Heart of the Pioneer," by W. C. Pearce, of Garden City, and "Famous Cowboy Band Mixed Fun and Music," were the titles of historical articles featured in the Dodge City Daily Globe December 24, 1935.

Christmas in Salina in the early days was recalled by Mrs. N. H. Loomis, of Omaha, Neb., in a letter to the Salina Journal, printed December 25, 1935.


A brief history of Cheney by John I. Saunders appeared in the Cheney Sentinel December 26, 1935.

Russell in 1874-1876 was described by Thomas H. McGill in The Russell County News, of Russell, December 26, 1935.

A history of Naomi Rebekah Lodge No. 61, of Minneapolis, as written and presented by John Hartley at the anniversary meeting, was published in the Minneapolis Better Way December 26, 1935. The lodge was founded in 1872.

The history of the Kansas Frontier Historical Park, located on part of the old Fort Hays military reservation, was reviewed in the Topeka Daily Capital December 29, 1935.

Articles describing the blizzard of 1886 were featured in several Kansas newspapers in January, 1936, on the fiftieth anniversary of the event.

"Some Notes on the Wyandotte Constitutional Convention," by Kirke Mechem, appeared in Progress in Kansas, of Topeka, in its January, 1936, issue.

"Passing of Old Salem Church Revives Memories of Early Days," was an article in the Emporia Gazette January 1,1936. The church, located south of Emporia, was erected in 1870 and was destroyed by fire in December, 1935.

The story of Fredonia's courthouse, now fifty years old, was reviewed in the Fredonia Daily Herald January 11, 1936.

Three articles by Cecil Howes in the Kansas City (Mo.) Times were: "County Seat Wars Provide a Lurid Addition to the History of Kansas," January 11, 1936; "Appearance of Topeka Scrip Issued in 1856 Recalls Kansas Conflict," January 17, and "Group of Kansans Traveling Together Gave the Populists Their Title," February 4. An article describing the career of "Fighting Fred" Funston, written by Herbert E. Smith for Foreign Service, of Kansas City, Mo., was reprinted in the Times January 14.

Excerpts from the narrative of Prince Paul of Württemberg, who visited at the mouth of the Kansas river in 1823, were published in the Kansas City (Mo.) Star January 19, 1936. The account of his explorations was originally printed in German; the Star's English translation was by Robert M. Snyder, Jr.

A history of the Wichita Business College was sketched in the Wichita (Evening) Eagle January 24, 1936. It was founded in 1883.