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Capital Campaign

Honor · Educate · Inspire

Concept of new exhibits for Kansas Museum of History

97 percent complete



The Kansas Historical Foundation’s Honor · Education · Inspire Capital Campaign is raising $6 million for new exhibits for the Kansas Museum of History. The campaign is 97 percent complete!

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What's the campaign about?
  New exhibits for the Kansas Museum of History
    Future of Kansas
Campaign brochure (PDF)
Future of Kansas
What's so special about Kansas?
  Here at the center of the nation, Kansas has a rich history.
Consider these experiences.
    Bleeding Kansas
    Stand on stage and deliver one of Abraham Lincoln’s speeches against the spread of slavery into Kansas. Bleeding Kansas
    Gathering of Cultures
    Step in the archeological excavation of a 200-year-old Kansa village. Gathering of Cultures
    It Happens First in Kansas
    Kansans used the power of their words and actions to change society. What can you do? It Happens First in Kansas
    Place of Possibilities I - Making a Home
    Settlers in southwest Kansas lived in dugouts where trees are scarce, but dirt is plentiful. Place of Possibilities I
    Place of Possibilities II - Making a Living
    Clyde Cessna was among many innovators and entreprenuers who proved the possibilities of flight and  made Kansas an aviation capital. Making a Living
    Place of Possibilities III - Making History
    Making History
    Kansas history is a collection of individuals narratives. Share your own family story. Making History
    Transportation, especially the railroads, are at the center of our state's story. The Cyrus K. Holliday is still the largest artifact in the gallery. Train
    Museum Lobby
    Updates to the Museum Lobby and Museum Store Museum Lobby
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Capital campaign announcement
What might the exhibit space look like?
    Fly-through video Fly-through
How are we different?

After 35 years the Kansas Museum of History is changing its exhibits

  • To honor those who have come before us
  • To educate and inspire
  • To tell Kansas history that resonates now
  • To learn from the past to navigate the future
Who are our partners?
  Dimensional Innovations - a single interdisciplinary team of industrial designers, brand strategists, graphic designers, architects, interior designers, content creators, engineers, fabricators, general contractors, technologists, and project managers Dimensional Innovations
How to request a presentation? Please send me updates.
    Derenda Mitchell
CEO & Director, Kansas Historical Foundation
785-272-8681, ext, 201
How to view a special campaign message from Nancy Landon Kassebaum?
How do I become a member?
Where can I read member publications about this project?

Our Kansas Stories

Our Kansas Stories
How do I donate?
    Yes! I am ready to donate now!
I want to be a part of the new exhibits for the Kansas Museum of History!

Honor · Educate · Inspire Capital Campaign Donors

These generous donors made it possible for the Kansas Museum of History to complete its capital campaign. Thank you to those who are helping to preserve Kansas history for future generations!

Cornerstone Club
($1 million+)
| Pioneer Club ($15,000+) | 1875 Club
Dane G. Hansen Foundation | Bostick Trust | Donita and Jim Barone
Sunderland Foundation | Evergy, Inc. | Wayne and Lidia Hook-Gray
      | Kansas Masonic Foundation
Leadership Club
| Pioneer Club
| Jennie and James Rose
Anonymous | Breidenthal-Snyder Foundation    
Merle and Ruby Chaney Trusts | Dudley Donahue | 1875 Club
  | Shelia and Ken Frahm | Tom and Kathy Ellis
Vanguard Club
| Hal and Mary Lou Ross | James and Kathy Maag
Burlington Northern
Santa Fe Railway Foundation
| Austin Turney | Michael Stubbs
Lewis H. Humphreys
Charitable Trust, Bank of America Trustee
    | Dave Webb
Marie McMinn Estate | Founders Club
Marty and Mary Vanier | Charles Frickey | 1875 Club
  | Steve and Nina Haught | Conkling-Hussey Trust
Patron Club
| Michael Heaston | Ron Davis
Bart and Mary Davidson Cohen
Charitable Trust
| Wayne Hemmen | James R. and Victoria Hanni
  | Vicky Henley | Anne Hodgdon Foundation
Heritage Club
| Susy Miner
(IMO Craig Miner)
| Rita Noll
Anonymous | Paul Stuewe and
Beth Wasson
| Richard and Ann Walker
Willard J. and Mary G.
Breidenthal Foundation
| Jack and Rhoda Wisman | Walmart Stores, Inc., and
Sam’s Club Foundation
Capitol Federal Foundation        
Anderson Chandler     | 1875 Club
Carl and Mary Ice     | Anonymous
Security Benefit Life Charitable Trust     | Marcia and Ted D. Ayres
      | Robert Beren
Pacesetter Club
    | Margie Braden
Bob and Elizabeth Dole     | Jeff Davis
Nancy Landon Kassebaum     | Jane Deterding
William and Linda Graves     | John and Marcia Golden
John and Sophia Mallon     | Sally Dorr Hatcher
      | Paul and Jeannie Hoferer
Benefactor Club
    | Reed Hoffman
Baughman Foundation     | Linda P. Jeffrey
Don and Janet Chubb     | William and Jennifer Kassebaum
Bruce G. Cochener Foundation     | Joseph Lake
J. Eric Engstrom     | Denise Litton
Dean and Pam Ferrell     | Karen and Andrew Linn
Ross Foundation     | William and Elaine McKale
Alicia and John Salisbury     | Barb and Steve Morris
Dena and Ed Sattler     | Shirley Morrow
      | Barbara Nordling
      | David Orr
      | John Pinegar
      | Rich Porter
      | Robert and Laura Reeder
      | James and Lissa Layng Reynolds
      | Treanor Architects
      | Mary Turkington
      | Woman’s Kansas Day Club