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Carol Bales

Carol BalesKansas Historical Foundation
Board of Directors
Elected to board: 2009
Elected to executive committee: 2013

Carol Bales is the president and trustee of the Dane G. Hansen Foundation. She worked for 20 years as a professional porcelain doll maker.

She is the site coordinator for the Kansas Honors Program in Phillips and Graham counties. She is a board member of Smoky Hills Public Television, her local United Methodist Church, and served as president of the Woman’s Kansas Day Club. She is a member of the Logan Chamber of Commerce, the Logan Historical Museum, and the BE Chapter of PEO in Phillipsburg.

Bales was first elected to the Kansas Historical Foundation Board of Directors in 2009. She was elected to serve on the executive committee in 2013.

“Being Kansas born and raised, I am very partial to the people of Kansas. They are honest, hardworking and self-sufficient. We ask very little of others and take care of our own. Our history---colorful as it is---tells our story through the many trials we have survived! Kansas is my home and there is no other place I would rather be.”