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Fort Hays Tours

Visitors to Fort Hays in Hays can choose guided and self-guided tours.


Group discounts are available for groups of 10 or more with 2 weeks advance notice.  Group tours can be scheduled ahead during the winter season. One adult is admitted free for every 10 students, and additional adults pay the student rate.  To register for a tour contact the site administrator. See hours and admission fees. Confirmation will be made by email or by phone.

Guided Tours - Guided tours provide visual and hands-on learning about Kansas history.

  • Grating, Grinding, and Shaving: Antique Kitchen Gadgets (primary) Students get an up-close look at how the wondrous nineteen century kitchen gadgets worked in this primarily hands-on tour.
  • Native Americans and the Buffalo (pre-K to adult) To the Plains Indians, "Tahtonka" provided all the necessary elements of life.  Find out what a quirt and parfleche are made from, what parts of the bison were used to make cooking pots, and much more in this hands-on program.
  • Victorian Secrets: What Women Wore in the 1800s (middle school to adult) Find out what it took for the well-dressed woman of the 1800s to become well-dressed as the presenter dresses a mannequin and explains each item.
  • General Tour (all ages) Contact the site administrator to arrange a guided tour to fit your group's needs.

Self-guided Tours - For those who prefer to lead their own group, self-guided tours are available.