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Pawnee Indian Museums Tours

Visitors to Pawnee Indian Museum in Republic can choose guided and self-guided tours.


Group discounts are available for groups of 10 or more with 2 weeks advance notice.  Group tours can be scheduled ahead during the winter season. One adult is admitted free for every 10 students, and additional adults pay the student rate.  To register for a tour contact the site administrator. See hours admission fees. Confirmation will be made by email or by phone.

Guided Tours - Guided tours provide visual and hands-on learning about Kansas history.

  • American Indian Homes in the Central Plains (first grade) Students learn how the Pawnee used the natural environment to live in the Central Plains.
  • Nature, A Pawnee Means of Survival (third grade) Students use their visual/spatial and bodily/kinesthetic intelligences to learn about the Kikahahki (Republican) band who lived in this village and then record in a piece of ""Ledger Art" what they learned.
  • When Smoke Curled Upward from Earth Lodges (fifth through eighth grade) As students examine this archeological site they will be challenged to develop an understanding of how the environment shaped real peoples' lives.
  • General Tour (all ages) Contact the site administrator to arrange a guided tour to fit your group's needs.

Self-guided Tours - For those who prefer to lead their own group, self-guided tours are available.  A nature trail allows visitors to view depressions of earth lodges of the Kikahahki (Republican) band who occupied this area in the 1700s.  Picnic facilities are located on the trail.