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Cultural Resources
Museum and Education
State Archives
Kansas Historical Foundation


Administration Division Ext. 243
  Birthday Parties Ext. 415
  Facilities Rental Ext. 170
  Public Information/Marketing Ext. 262 or 263
Cultural Resources Division  
     Access to collections/records Ext. 269
     Archeological sites, potential destruction Ext. 269
     Archeological sites, reporting by citizens and amateur archeologists Ext. 267
     Artifacts, conservation/storage Ext. 151  
     Artifacts, donations Ext. 151
     Artifacts, identification of unearthed objects Ext. 266
     Associations Ext. 267
     Burials, human (unmarked) Ext. 269
     Contract archeology Ext. 257
     Journals/publications Ext. 269
     Lab, archeology Ext. 151
     Legal issues Ext. 269
     Project Archaeology Ext. 266
     Public programs/events
        Kansas Archeology Training Program (KATP)
Ext. 266 or 267
     Review & Compliance (Notice of Intent, Section 106) Ext. 225
     SHPO Archeologist Ext. 214
     State Archeologist Ext. 269
     Volunteers, archeology Ext. 151
  Historic Preservation  
     Certified local governments (CLGs) Ext. 215
     Grants, preservation
        Heritage Trust Fund (HTF)
        Historic Preservation Fund (HPF)
Ext. 215
  Historic Sites Ext. 211
For questions regarding materials, exhibits, or donations related to American Indian history, contact Chris Garst, Nikki Klarmann, or Tricia Waggoner Ext. 151, 266, or 267
Museum and Education Division  
  Admission Ext. 413
  Care of three-dimensional objects Ext. 417
  Classroom materials/curriculum Ext. 425
  Day of the Dead/Día de los Muertos Ext. 425
  Discovery Place  Ext. 415
  Exhibits, how to develop Ext. 417
  Events in Kansas History booklet Ext .425
  History & Environmental Fair Ext. 415
  In-Service Opportunities Ext. 425
  Kansas Day Ext. 425
  Kansas Day at Kansas State Capitol 785-296-3966
  Kids’ Kansas activity book Ext. 425
  Museum After Hours Ext. 415
  Offers of donations, three-dimensional objects Ext. 427
  Project Archaeology Ext. 266
  Read Kansas! lesson plans Ext. 425
     Museum guided tours
     Museum self-guided visits
     Capitol tours
     Nature trail

Ext. 415
Ext. 415
Ext. 415
  Traveling Resource Trunks

Ext. 419
Ext. 425
  Volunteer Opportunities Ext. 415
For questions regarding Museum collections or the donation of three-dimensional items, contact Blair Tarr Ext. 427
State Archives Division Ext. 117
  Care and preservation of photographs and documents Ext. 301
  Collections (published), donations Ext. 272
  Collections (unpublished and photographs), donations Ext. 270
  Imaging orders, permissions and use fees Ext. 270
Ext. 132
  Interlibrary loan Ext. 118
  Kansas Memory, digital archives Ext. 284
  Land survey Ext. 254
  Records management Ext. 288
  Reference desk Ext. 117
  Research room Ext. 117
  State Archives Ext. 271
For questions regarding the donation of photographs or paper items (manuscripts, diaries, business records, etc.), contact Nancy Sherbert in the State Archives or the reference desk Ext. 270
Ext. 117
Kansas Historical Foundation Ext. 221
  Membership Ext. 209
  Development Ext. 210
For questions related to making donations to the Kansas Historical Society, or cash, stock, or including us in estate plans. contact Vicky Henley.

Monetary donations can also be made through the Museum Store Online

Ext. 201