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Corps of Discovery: Lewis and Clark in Kansas

Traveling Resource Trunk

American flag with 15 starsMultiple ages

This trunk provides many interesting lessons and hands-on activities on the topics of Lewis and Clark's explorations in Kansas, the Corps of Discovery expedition, explorers, westward expansion, natural history, and multicultural studies.

Seven lesson plans provide opportunities to teach about the Corps of Discovery in a variety of ways that incorporate reading, writing and critical thinking activities.  Primary sources become tools to create a matrix of American Indian people encountered during the expedition, write poetry, compare Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, and more.  A study of the first July 4th celebration in Kansas provides an opportunity to fold a 15-star flag and learn about flag etiquette.  Students learn about the importance of the American buffalo to the American Indians, the vast herds of buffalo Lewis and Clark wrote about on their journey, and how this animal teetered on the brink of extinction less than one hundred years later.  Books, games, and reproduction artifacts and photographs provide a wealth of materials to use in exploring Lewis and Clark.

The items in this trunk make it a great program addition in non-classroom settings.  Youth groups find it useful in meeting badge or project requirements.  The objects and photos in the trunk bring additional meaning to programs sponsored by libraries, museums, and many other organizations.

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Dimensions: 24" x 20" x 13"
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The Kansas Historical Society developed The Corps of Discovery traveling resource trunk with major funding provided by the Kansas Lewis and Clark in Kansas Bicentennial Commission. Funding for the Read Kansas! cards was provided by the United States Army Center of Military History Army Historical Foundation.

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