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Cattle Trail Cowboys

Traveling Resource Trunk

Seventh Grade

Learn how Kansas towns, Texas entrepreneurs, railroads, and young men seeking work and adventure all came together to create one of the most well-known periods in our nation’s history. In 1866 over 200,000 head of cattle traveled hundreds of miles north out of Texas on the start of their long journey to markets in the eastern United States. Texas ranchers, Kansas cowtowns and railroad companies all prospered.

What was life like on those cattle drives?  How did young men survive hours in a saddle and months on the dusty trail? What kind of danger lay ahead of them as they started up the trail? Students explore those questions and more as they examine cowboy gear, listen to a folk song, and read the words of the cowboys themselves.

Lessons included in the trunk introduce students to “reading” artifacts and other primary sources as they study the cowboys and the cattle trails of the late 1800s. Historic photos, recipes, reproducible worksheets and more are included on a CD that accompanies the trunk.

The items contained in this trunk make it a great program addition in non-classroom settings. Youth groups find it useful in meeting badge or project requirements. The hands-on components lend themselves to discovery center areas in museums and libraries. The objects in the trunk bring additional meaning to programs in retirement centers and assisted living centers.

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Weight: 29 lbs.
Dimensions: 24" x 20" x 13"
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