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Farm Family in Kansas

Items from the Farm Family in Kansas trunkTraveling Resource Trunk

Grades one through three

Students will examine life on a Kansas farm in the late 1800s with this trunk.  Activities in the trunk explore farm work, the impact of the environment on farming in Kansas, and the entertainment and recreation enjoyed by Kansas farm families.  Numerous tools and photographs help students learn about this important part of Kansas history as they are introduced to life before electricity, automobiles, and the widespread use of commercially processed food.

Activities included in the trunk manual are directed at lower elementary school classes.  Through them students can explore the role of men, women and children on the farm through the use of primary sources and hands-on exploration.  Letters, journal entries and photographs introduce students to real Kansas settlers.  Objects in the trunk provide students an opportunity to peel an apple, pit a cherry, grind coffee, and more.  Power point presentations show how to churn butter and husk corn.

The items contained in this trunk make it a great program addition in non-classroom settings.  Youth groups find it useful in meeting badge or project requirements.  The hands-on components lend themselves to discovery center areas in museums and libraries.  The objects in the trunk bring additional meaning to programs in retirement and assisted living centers.

What people are saying about this trunk:

A Kansas family milking their cows.

This helps build hands-on background knowledge for our 3rd graders.  Thanks. - classroom teacher

I so much appreciate being able to check out trunks.  I used it for a group of senior [citizens] . . . You can't believe the memories that surface and the excellent conversations that we have!  Thanks so much. - Sandy Harris, Overbrook

My co-teacher and I are special education teachers who teach kids with autism . . . While we were not able to follow the lesson plans as written, we were able to adapt most of the lessons . . . Thank you for your hard work providing these learning trunks.  It is a great way of teaching. -  teacher

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Dimensions: 31" x 22" x 16"
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