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Student photo contest - 2014

Happy Birthday, Kansas! Student Photo Contest

Capture the Moment - Presented January 29, 2015

Congratulations to the 24 Happy Birthday, Kansas! contest winners announced on Kansas Day! We also would like to thank Governor Sam Brownback, Diane Macheers, state senators and representatives, the University of Kansas Chamber Singers, and those who attended the event. We thank the students who entered 514 photos from 53 Kansas counties.

Happy Birthday, Kansas! photo contest winners

Student winners:

First grade

Left, Reese Hedstrom; right, Morgan Nabus

First grade winners Reese Hedstrom and Morgan Nabus with Governor Sam Brownback and Diana Macheers

First place: Morgan Nabus, “Rock Fence,” Junction City

Rock Fence

Second place: Reese Hedstrom, “Leader of the Pack!” Cheney

Leader of the Pack!

Second grade

Left, Elinor Russo; right, Haven Knapp

First: Robin Eggs! Haven Knapp, Seneca.

Robin Eggs!

Second: Stone Barn on the Tallgrass Prairie. Elinor Russo, Lawrence.

Stone Barn on the Tallgrass Prairie

Third grade

Left, David Knoblauch; right, Regan Hedstrom

First: Haybale Jumpin'. Regan Hedstrom, Cheney.

Haybale Jumpin'

Second: The Dragonfly and a Lily Pad. David Knoblauch, Wichita.

The Dragonfly and a Lily Pad

Fourth grade

Left, Collin Brooks; right, Logan Nabus

First: Road Scene. Logan Nabus, Junction City.

Road Scene

Second: Kansas Wheat Field. Collin Brooks, Lenora.

Kansas Wheat Field

Fifth grade

Left, Madison Wright; right Keegan Griffin

First: Farm Worker, Keegan Griffin, Salina.

Farm Worker

Second: Sunrise, Madison Wright, Macksville.


Sixth grade

Left, Talia Clanton; right Lauren Galusha

First: Mushroom Rock with Tree, Lauren Galusha, Maize.

Mushroom Rock with Tree

Second: Kansas Wheat, Talia Clanton, Manhattan

Kansas Wheat

Seventh grade

Left, Aaron Magill; right, Luke Musselman

First: Geary State Fishing Lake Falls, Luke Musselman, Clifton.

Geary State Fishing Lake Falls

Second: Kansas Windpower, Aaron Magill, Topeka.

Kansas Windpower

Eighth grade

Left, Garrison Stowell; right, Rylee Schrock

First: Kansas Skies, Rylee Schrock, Brookville

Kansas Skies

Second: Smoky Sunset, Garrison Stowell, Vermillion

Smokey Sunset

Ninth grade

Left, Vivian Noelle Crandall; right Amber Petrie

First: Sunset Boy, Amber Petrie, Murdock

Sunset Boy

Second: Sunset on the Lake, Vivian Noelle Crandall, Olathe

Sunset on the Lake

10th grade

Left, Macy Putnam; right, Alicia Groenhagen

First: Cling, Alicia Groenhagen, Lawrence


Second: Winter Beauty, Macy Putnam, Hoyt

Winter Beauty

11th grade

Pictured, Manessah Krohn

First: Feedin’ Cattle, Elsie Grimm, Morrill

Feedin' Cattle

Second: Up, Up and a Wonderful Day!, Manessah Krohn, Topeka

Up, Up and a Wonderful Day!

12th grade

Left, Nina Friesen; right, Karsen Odle

First: Canoe at Sunset, Karsen Odle, Beloit

Canoe at Sunset

Second: Glass, Nina Friesen, Lawrence


Second and third grade winners

Sixth grade winners

Eighth grade winners

12th grade winners

Home on the Range, University of Kansas Chamber Singers


Thank you note from Haven Knapp and her family:

Haven Knapp letterHaven Knapp letterLetter from Haven Knapp's parents

Thank you note from Elinor Russo:

Elinor Russo letter









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