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IKE: Interactive Kansas Educator

IKE is a robot that is available for guided tours of the Kansas Museum of History for grades K-12.

A museum teacher uses IKE in the museum to share the exhibits with students.  The museum teacher can see and hear students in the classroom.  The classroom teacher "drives" IKE through the exhibits.  The classroom teacher is provided with an easy-to-use software to operate IKE from a classroom computer.  It is totally interactive and a fun way to engage your students in Kansas and U.S. history. 

Students get to see the real things in the museum without leaving the classroom.  Great for schools who have to travel a distance to visit the museum or middle and high schools with class schedules that do not accommodate all-day field trips.

Many topics are available, tailored to teachers' needs.  Some topics are Bleeding Kansas and the Civil War, American Indians, Oregon and Santa Fe trails, famous Kansans, pioneers and settlement, and reform to name a few.

The cost is $30 per hour. For more information contact the Museum at 785-272-8681, ext. 415; to schedule a tour.