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Indian Homes in Kansas - Extension

Ideas for using this trunk with other ages and youth groups.

Looking at objects in the trunk.The teaching manual for this trunk is designed for use in a classroom with students in first grade.  The materials contained in the trunk can be used with other ages and in other settings in a variety of ways as highlighted below.

Classroom Use

The following standards are included in the 2004 Kansas Standards for History and Government; Economics and Geography.

Second Grade

History, Benchmark 2, Indicator 1: Compares and contrasts daily life of an historic Plains Indian family, a pioneer family, and a modern family in Kansas.

  • The entire trunk may be used to explore three major housing styles used historically by Indians in Kansas.

History, Benchmark 4, Indicator 2: Locates information using both primary and secondary sources.

  • The trunk contains primary sources in the form of historic photographs and secondary source information in sentence strips and historical background information provided with each lesson.

Fifth Grade

History, Benchmark 1, Indicator 1: Explains how various American Indians adapted to their environment in relationship to shelter and food (e.g., Plains, Woodland, Northwest Coast, Southeast and Pueblo in the period from 1700-1820).

  • The lessons in the sections on "Housing" and "Food" explore the cultures of the Plains Indians. The historic background information in each lesson will be useful in putting the photographs and objects into context and adapting the lesson to a fifth grade level.

Seventh Grade

Wichita villageHistory, Benchmark 1, Indicator 1: Compares and contrasts nomadic and sedentary tribes in Kansas (e.g., food, housing, art, customs).

  • The introductory lesson, "An Overview of Native Americans in Kansas" compares various tribes.


Cub Scouts Achievements

Wolf Cub

Elective 10 - American Indian Lore, c. Make a model of a traditional American Indian House.

  • Entire trunk

Bear Cub

Elective 24 - American Indian Life:  a. Find the name of the American Indian nation that lives or has lived where you live now. Learn about these people.

  • Lessons 3, 4, and 5

Elective 24 - American Indian Life:  c. Learn what the American Indian people in your area (or another area) used for shelter before contact with the Europeans.

  • Entire trunk.


Boy Scouts Achievement

Merit Badges

Archaeology Badge - 11a. Research American Indians who live or once lived in your area. Find out about traditional life ways, dwellings, clothing styles, arts and crafts, and methods of food gathering, preparation, and storage. Describe what you would expect to find at an archaeological site for these people.

  • Entire trunk.

Indian Lore - 1. Give the history of one American Indian tribe, group, or nation that lives or has lived near you; 2c. Make an authentic model of a dwelling.

  • Lessons 3, 4 and 5 include information on Indian tribes that lived in Kansas historically. The entire trunk deals with forms of shelter built in Kansas with photographs and information about the constructions steps.


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