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Indian Homes in Kansas Traveling Trunk

This trunk contains:

Teaching Manual with graphic organizers

Comparing Indian Homes


  1. My Book About Me
  2. This is an earth lodge.
  3. Earth Lodge Facts
  4. Grass House Facts
  5. Tipi Facts

22 Photos

30 Sentence strips with and pocket chart and corresponding picture clue cards

2 Books:

  • Cassie's Scrapbook
  • Houses and Homes

Scale models:

  • Earth Lodge
  • Grass House
  • Tipi


  • Scapula hoe blade
  • Digging stick
  • Pole (sample)
  • Scraper (bone and stone tool)
  • Rawhide strip
  • Bark rope
  • Grassing needle (bone tool)
  • Flesher (bone tool)
  • Tanned hide (sample)
  • Sinew
  • Awl (bone tool)

Kansas floor map

Tipi (miniature cover and lacing pins)


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