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Kansas Historical Notes - May 1946

May 1946 (Vol. 14, No. 2), pages 239 to 240.
Transcribed by lhn;
digitized with permission of the Kansas Historical Society.

The first Ness City school building wasdedicated on January 31, 1946, as the new home of the Ness County HistoricalSociety. Mrs. Fred Barrows is president of the society.

Initial steps to reorganize the Dodge City Historical Society were taken at a meeting March 7, 1946. Judge Karl Miller was named temporary chairman, and Merle Smith secretary.

Gen. and Mrs. Dwight D. Eisenhower were among the two hundred Kansans attending the annual dinner of the Kansas State Societyof Washington, D. C., on March 19, 1946. Newly-elected officers are: William Scott, Abilene and Junction City, president; Rep. Errett Scrivner, Kansas City,and Omar B. Ketchum, Topeka, vice-presidents; Com. Charles Helsfors, Topeka,secretary, and Russell Jones, Topeka, treasurer. Rep. Thomas Winter, Pittsburg,was toastmaster.

Dr. Martin W. Wiesendanger of Tulsa was the featured speaker at the seventh anniversary dinner of the Wichita Public Museum Association March 19, 1946. Pearl S. Overend was named on the board of trustees to fill the unexpired term of H. G. Overend and Lloyd Wilson was selected for the unexpired term of Mrs. E. G. Cone. Both vacancies resulted from resignations.Trustees reelected were: H. J. Allen, 0. A. Boyle, Frank Carson, Dr. J. C.Fisher, Murray W. Gill, Mrs. W. E. Haines, Bruce Helfrich and Robert E. Israel,Sr. Mrs. Frank Slay is curator of the museum.

Newly-elected officers of the Kansas Commonwealth Club, of Wichita, are Dave Fishback, president; William Luttgen,first vice president; Mrs. E. G. Cone, second vice-president; John Dee, third vice-president; Mrs. W. E. Haines, fourth vice-president; R. M. Cauthorn,executive secretary; Mrs. A. B. Hungerford, recording secretary, and Mrs.Elizabeth Rapp, treasurer. Mrs. J. W. Platt and Elsberry Martin, early-day residents of the area, are honorary vice-presidents. State board members reelected were: Sen. F. H. Cron, El Dorado; Dudley Doolittle, Strong City, and Stella B. Haines, Augusta. H. J. Quigley is the retiring president.

The Kansas History Teachers Association held its annual meeting in the rooms of the Kansas Historical Society, April 13,1946. Members of the Kansas Council for the Social Studies also



attended the meeting. The visitors were welcomed to Topeka by Dr. John D.Bright, professor of history at Washburn and president of the History Teachers Association, and by Kirke Mechem, secretary of the Historical Society. Featured speakers and their subjects were: John W. Goering, McPherson High School,"Fruitful Trends in High School History Teaching"; Robena Pringle, Topeka High School, "Reorganization of Junior-Senior High School Social Studies"; Verne S.Sweedlun, Kansas State College, "A Comprehensive Course in the Social Sciences";Dorothy Luber, Washburn University, "Local Government as a Laboratory for Political Science"; L. W. Chesney, editor Junior Kansas Government Journal,"Junior Kansas Government Journal for Classroom Use in Teaching of Government";Ethan P. Allen, Bureau of Government Research, University of Kansas,"Representative Government"; Myra Scott, Kansas State College, "Mary Elizabeth Lease-Some Findings in Biographical Research." Papers presented will be filedwith the Historical Society. Officers elected were: Rob Roy MacGregor,Southwestern College, president; Verne S. Sweedlun, vice president; Della A.Warden, Kansas State Teachers College, Emporia, secretary-treasurer. The executive board includes the above officers and Elizabeth Cochran, Kansas State Teachers College, Pittsburg; Jessica Smith, Wichita High School North; A. Bower Sageser, Kansas State College; Raymond L. Welty, Fort Hays Kansas State College,and F. R. Flournoy, College of Emporia.

Officers of the Kansas Council for the Social Studies elected officers at a meeting held at Emporia February 1 in conjunction with the council of administration of the Kansas State Teachers Association. Officers of the social studies council are: Julia Emery, Wichita High SchoolEast, president; C. P. Neis, Field Kindley Memorial High School, Coffeyville,vice-president; Robena Pringle, Topeka High School, secretary-treasurer. Boardmembers are Ruth E. Litchen, University of Kansas; A. E. Maag, Arkansas City HighSchool; J. E. Mordy, Kansas State College, and Della A. Warden.

Kansans will be interested in The Autobiography of William Allen White, a 669-page book recently issued by the Macmillan company. White's story includes characterizations of Mark Hanna,Theodore Roosevelt, William McKinley, William Jennings Bryan, Warren G. Harding and others. The volume contains 16 pages of photographs of the author and his family, the staff of the Gazette



and celebrities of White's acquaintance. A 305-page book by David Hinshaw,A Man From Kansas, is a new biography of White published last fall by G.P. Putnam's Sons. This volume also features 16 pages of illustrations. OnFebruary 10, 1946, friends of the late editor celebrated his seventy-eighth birthday anniversary with a memorial service held in Emporia. Brock Pemberton,John Redmond, Roy Bailey and Rolla Clymer, editors and writers who started their careers on the Gazette, related their experiences under White'stutelage.

&A 30-page booklet, Small Manufacturers in the Wichita Area, by T. Bruce Robb, was issued in November, 1945, by the schoolof business of the University of Kansas as volume No. 21 of its series, Kansas Studies in Business.

American Adventure; Story of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, a 59-page booklet written by Robert H. Fletcher, was published in 1945 by the American Pioneer Trails Association of New York City. Acolored map showing the route of the expedition and other historic Western trails was also issued by the Trails Association.

Walter A. Ver Wiebe is the author ofExploration For Oil and Gas in Western Kansas During 1944, a 112-page publication printed in November, 1945, by the University of Kansas Press as Bulletin 56 of the State Geological Survey of Kansas.

A paper, "Isaac McCoy: His Plan of and Work for Indian Colonization," by Emory J. Lyons, has been printed as publication No. 9 of the general series and No. 1 of the history series of the Fort Hays Kansas State College Studies, Hays.

Goodland Post No. 117, American Legion, observed the silver anniversary of its founding with the issuance of volume II of itsHistory as a feature of a Founder's day banquet, February 16, 1946. The32-page booklet was compiled by Dillman W. Blackburn, post historian, and contains a chronology of the organization from February 8, 1934, to December 10,1945.

"A Study of the Russian-German Settlements in Ellis County, Kansas," by Sister Mary Eloise Johannes, has been published in a164-page book as volume 14 of The Catholic University of America Studies in Sociology.