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Kansas Historical Quarterly - August 1939

(Vol. 8, No. 3), page 334 to 335. Transcribed by lhn;
digitized with permission of the Kansas Historical Society.


The Clark County Historical Society was organized at Ashland July 1, 1939, at a meeting sponsored by the Fort Supply Trail chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Over fifty Clark county residents were in attendance. Officers of the society are: Mrs. Lois McCasland Martin, president; Willis H. Shattuck, first vice president; F. C. Price, second vice president; J. W. Berryman, third vice president; Mrs. (J. C.) Melville Campbell Harper, secretary; S. E. Grimes, treasurer; Lena E. Smith, corresponding secretary, and Mrs. Dorothy Berryman Shrewder, historian. A column, "Clark County Historical Society Notes," under the supervision of the secretary, Mrs. J. C. Harper, is to be a regular feature of Clark county newspapers. Members of the board of directors, representing Clark county townships, include: Evaline Crouch, Appleton; Mrs. George Abell, Brown; M. G. Stevenson, Center; Mrs. Bentley Randall, Cimarron; Mrs. Ruth Harvey McMillon, Edwards; A. L. Roberts, Englewood; J. E. Stephens, Lexington; Mrs. Will Jackson, Sitka, and Mrs. Ruth Clark Mull, Vesta. M. G. Stevenson will serve as chairman of the board of directors. Standing committee chairmen are: Mrs. Dorothy Berryman Shrewder, historical; Mrs. Barth Gabbert, museum; Walter Ray, publicity; Kate Hensley, membership, and Mrs. Gay Hughes, entertainment.

Eight directors of the Franklin County Historical Society were elected at a meeting held in Ottawa, June 30, 1939. They are: one-year term-Grace Meeker, Anna Melluish and W. S. Jenks; two-year term-Hiram Allen, Williamsburg, Asa Converse, Wellsville, and Mrs. J. W. McCracken, Ottawa; three-year term, B. M. Ottaway, Pomona, and A. P. Elder, Ottawa. Dana Needham, Lane, has one more year to serve before the three-year term expires. The directors will select new officers who will be installed in September at the society's annual meeting.

Greensburg's hand-dug water well, 32 feet in diameter and 109 feet deep, may now be viewed through a recently installed steel and glass hood. The well has been floodlighted and a canopy has been erected. Dug in 1888 for the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe railway, it was used by the city until 1932. Iron stairs, placed in 1915, are still usable. The chamber of commerce advertises the well as "more than just another hole in the ground," and tourists have been at-



tracted. The Kiowa County Historical Society cooperated with the city in the dedication of the well at the society's annual old settlers' reunion held July 26, 1939.

A History of the First Presbyterian Church of Herington, Kansas, by the Rev. George Wilbur Nelson, pastor, was published in observance of the sixtieth anniversary of the founding of the church on July 1, 1939. The eighty-two page booklet includes a review of early Presbyterianism in Kansas from the founding of the first mission, the creation of the Synod of Kansas and the Presbytery of Solomon, the history of the Herington church, and biographical sketches and photographs of ministers who served the church.

A Guide to Salina, Kansas, a fifty-five page illustrated booklet compiled and written by the Federal Writers' project of the Works Progress Administration, came from the press in August, 1939. Produced under the sponsorship of the Salina Public Library Association and printed by the Advertiser-Sun of Salina, it contains historical information relating to the city, biographical sketches of the founders, a description of "Salina Today," "The Story of Flour Milling in Salina," and three "tours" to places of interest in Salina and Saline county. This is the second publication of the Kansas writers' project in the American Guide Series, the first being the Larned City Guide (October, 1938) which was mentioned in the Quarterly for November, 1938. Harold C. Evans is state supervisor of the project.

Four volumes in the Inventory of the County Archives of Kansas series have been published since this project was last mentioned in The Kansas Historical Quarterly in November, 1938. The Historical Records Survey of Kansas, a project of the Works Progress Administration, has been compiling bibliographies of county records throughout the state and has now published seven books. Those for Johnson, Greenwood and Montgomery counties were issued in 1938. During 1939 volumes for Seward, Graham, Franklin and Gray counties were completed, one for Cherokee county is now in process of production, copy for Bourbon and Cowley counties has been approved by the national editor, and the Shawnee county book is undergoing final editing. Harold J. Henderson is state director and Walter M. Markley is editor-in-chief of the Kansas project.