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Kansas Historical Quarterly - November 1931 - Introduction

(Vol. 1, No. 1), page 2

Transcribed by Lynn H. Nelson; digitized with permission of
the Kansas Historical Society.
NOTE: The numbers in brackets are links to footnotes for this text.

For some years many members have felt that quarterly publication of the historical material printed in the biennial Collections would be of advantage to the Society. This of course was not criticism of the content of the Collections, since their popularity has always testified to their worth, but it was believed that the unwieldiness of the volumes and the infrequency of their appearance set a regrettable limit to their use and value. The Kansas Historical Quarterly was authorized by the directors in the hope of gaining a wider range of usefulness for this type of publication. Every effort will be made to secure articles that are historically sound as well as interesting in style and subject. It is planned to make frequent use of the Society's vast collection of original manuscripts and documents. Over the two-year period the Quarterly will publish approximately as much material as did the biennial Collections. It is printed in larger type and on better paper. Each volume will be indexed. An arrangement whereby members may exchange unbound numbers for bound volumes will be announced later -THE EDITOR.