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Kansas History Day - 2005 results

These images were taken at the awards ceremony April 23, 2005, at the Kansas History Day contest held at the Eisenhower Center in Abilene. 

Junior Historical Paper

Sean Weston, 1st place, Jr. historical paperFirst Place

Sean Weston, Eisenhower Middle School, Manhattan

"Companies, Consumers, and Communications: How Understanding of the Consumer Has Changed: 1950-2000."

Teacher - Terry Healy



Jackson Sittenauer, 2nd place, Jr. historical paperSecond Place

Jackson Sittenauer, Christ the King, Topeka

"Actions Speak Louder Than Words: The 1968 Mexico Olympics"




Junior Individual Exhibit

Lacey Howard, "William Allen White: Voice of the Heartland"Lacey Howard, 1st place, Jr individual exhibitFirst Place

Lacey Howard, Haven Middle School

"William Allen White: Voice of the Heartland"

Teacher - Chris Terrill






2nd place - Eleanor Roosevelt: Communicating a Dream"Randi Morris, 2nd place, Jr. individual exhibitSecond Place

Randi Morris, Haven Middle School

"Eleanor Roosevelt: Communicating A Dream"

Teacher - Chris Terrill






Junior Group Exhibit

Chediak, Gast, and Mandel - 1st place - Jr. group exhibit

Chediak, Gast, and Mandel, 1st place, Jr. Group Exhibit

First Place

Quentin Chediak, David Gast, and Daniel Mandel, Topeka Collegiate, Topeka

"Native American Code Talkers: Secret Military Code Changes a Nation"





Second Place

Jamison, B. Hofmeier, E. Fowler, and S. Hofmeier, 2nd place, Jr. group exhibitJamison, B. Hofmier, Fowler, S. Hofmeier, 2nd place, Jr. Group Exhibit

Andrew Jamison, Ben Hofmeier, Evan Fowler, and Sam Hofmeier, Robert Goddard Middle School, Goddard

"U.S. Combat Art: Communicating Eyewitness Accounts of Military History, A Key to Understanding the Essence of War"




Junior Individual Performance

First Place

Robert Hamilton, 1st place, Jr. individual performanceRobert Hamilton, Topeka Collegiate, Topeka

"Dr. Samuel J. Crumbine: Communicating Public Health Reform in Kansas"






Second Place

Natasha LaForce, 2nd place, Jr. individual performanceNatasha LaForce, Reno Valley Middle School, Hutchinson

"Energy Rightly Applied Can Accomplish Anything"

Teacher - Chris Terrill





Junior Group Performance

First Place

Navajos in Action, 1st place, Jr. group performanceTrey Connet, Danny Duclos, and Ben Windholz, Bergman Elementary School, Manhattan

"Navajos In Action"

Teacher - Terry Healy




Second Place

Jackson, Brown, Nickelson, 2nd place, Jr. Group PerformanceJulie Jackson, Lindsey Brown, and Whitney Nickelson, Fort Scott Middle School, Fort Scott

"Can You Hear Me Now?"





Junior Individual Documentary

Rosemary O'Malley, 1st place, Jr. Individual DocumentaryFirst Place

Rosemary O'Malley, Central Junior High School, Lawrence

"The Jim Crow Row: Growing Up African- American in a Free State"




Second Place

Trent Rhodes, 2nd place, Jr. Individual documentaryTrent Rhodes, Haven Middle School, Haven

"Edward R. Morrow: Communicating Truth Over the Air Waves"

Teacher - Chris Terrill




Junior Group Documentary

First Place

Hammer and Hamilton, 1st place, Jr. group documentarySjobor Hammer and Anna Hamilton, Topeka Collegiate

"'Walking the Path of Duty': William Allen White and the Ku Klux Klan"




Second Place

Wilson and Slifer, 2nd place, Jr. group documentaryEvan Wilson and Sarah Slifer, Nickerson Elementary School

Decoding Enigma's Secrets




Senior Individual Historic Paper

Elaina Murray, 1st place, Sr. historical paperFirst Place

Elaina Murray, Seaman High School, Topeka

"Antiheroic Antinovel: Catch-22 and its Influence on the Perception of Modern War"

Teacher - Susan Sittenaur




Second Place

Thomas Henry, 2nd place, Sr. historical paperThomas Henry, Bishop Seabury Academy, Lawrence

"Ancient Greek Theater as Mass Media"





Senior Individual Exhibit

"I Can Hear Them", 1st place, Sr. individual exhibitMeghan Miller, 1st place, Sr. individual exhibitFirst place

Meghan Miller, Haven High School, Haven

"I Can Hear Them"

Teacher - Chris Terrill






Second Place

"The Blue and Grey in Black and White" 2nd place, Sr. individual exhibitKirbee Yost, Chetopa High School, Chetopa

"The Blue and Gray in Black and White"









Senior Group Exhibit

"Enartete Kunst:  Communication Through Controversial Art," 1st place, Sr. group exhibitFister and Seybert, 1st place, Sr. group exhibitFirst place

Maddie Fister and Audrey Seybert, Lawrence High School, Lawrence

"Enartete Kunst: Communication Through Controversial Art"

Teacher - Michael Ortmann





Second place

"Marion Post Wolcott" 2nd place, Sr. group exhibitKaitlin Moses, Nathan Prose, and Brett Darnell, Chetopa High School, Chetopa

"Marion Post Wolcott"








Senior Individual Performance

First PlaceLaura Parkinson, 1st place, Sr. individual performance

Laura Parkinson, Lawrence High School, Lawrence

"Nellie Bly: 'Bring de Broom Along'"

Teacher - Michael Ortmann





Timmia Hearn--Feldman, 2nd place, Sr. individual performanceSecond Place

Timmia Hearn-Feldman, Central Junior High School, Lawrence

"Unlocking the Door: Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan's Key to Communication"




Senior Group Performance

Lowry, Wynn, Bradbury, McKinnis, 1st place, Sr. group performanceFirst Place

Candace Lowry, Andrea Wynn, Jamie Bradbury, and Gage McKinnis, Uniontown High School, Uniontown

"Ma is Making Bombers"

Teacher - Norm Conard




Second place

Tran, Griffith, and Vigil, 2nd place, Sr. group performanceMargaret Tran, Lindsey Griffith, and Rachel Vigil, Derby High School, Derby

"The War of the Worlds"




Senior Individual Documentary

Samuel Huneke, 1st place, Sr. individual documentaryFirst place

Samuel Huneke, Lawrence High School, Lawrence

"The Nurnberg Rallies: Communication of the Nazi Order"

Teacher - Michael Ortmann




Second place

Rusty Manyo, 2nd place, Sr. individual documentaryRusty Manyo, Uniontown High School, Uniontown

"From Fort Scott, Kansas to the World: Gordon Parks Communicates through Photography"

Teacher - Norm Conard




Senior Group Documentary

Greenwell, Weil, Frydman, 1st place, Sr. group documentaryFirst Place

Mulligan Greenwell, Maya Weil, and Hannah Frydman, Central Junior High, Lawrence

"We Who Are the Enemy"



Second place

DeMoss, George, Jurgenson, and Shepard, 2nd place, Sr. group documentaryRebekah DeMoss, Lacey George, Holly Jurgenson, and Baily Shepard, Uniontown High School, Uniontown

"A Dorothea Lange Photograph is Worth A Thousand Words"

Teacher - Norm Conard



Special Awards

Society for American Baseball Research Prize Award Winners

Two baseball awards - Hogan and Guth & Hull and ClinesmithAfton Hogan and Michael Guth, Russell High School, Russell

"America's Pastime: Sign and Signals in Baseball"


Christopher D. Hull and Marshall A. Clinesmith, Rolla Junior High School, Rolla

"Yogi Berra: Understanding Through Miscommunication"

Teacher - Mary Courtney



Bleeding Kansas Heritage Area Award

Brian Martin, Bleeding Kansas Heritage AwardBrian Martin, Central Junior High School, Burden

"John Brown: Voice of Freedom"




Greater Kansas City Area Scholarship Award

Rosemary O'Malley, Greater Kansas City awardRosemary O'Malley
Central Junior High School, Lawrence

"The Jim Crow Row: Growing Up African-American in a Free State"



2005 Teacher of the Year Award

Susan Sittenaur, Kansas History Day Teacher of the Year (2nd from left)Susan Sittenauer, Seaman High School, Topeka

(2nd from left)