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Kansas History Day - 2006 awards ceremony

These images were taken at the Senior Awards Ceremony on Kansas History Day, Saturday, April 22, 2006, at the Eisenhower Presidential Library in Abilene.

Some information concerning winners of the Junior Division is missing. Feel free to contribute the missing information to Education and Outreach.

Junior Historical Paper

1st Place

Alex Rankin, Jr. historical paper, 1st placeAlex Rankin, Landon Middle School, Topeka

Junior Historical Paper - "Dietrich Bonhoeffer, A Modern Martyr Taking a Stand Against the State Gone Mad"

Teacher - Jean Attebury





2nd Place


Junior Individual Exhibit

1st Place

Nathan Jamison, Junior Historical Paper, 2nd place

Nathan Jamison







Carolyn Roederer, Jr. individual exhibit, 1st place2nd place

Carolyn Roederer, Haven High School, Haven






Junior Group Exhibit

Featherston and Mandel, Jr. group exhibit, 1st place1st place

Daniel Mandel and Parker Featherston, Topeka Collegiate, Topeka

Junior Group Exhibit - "Robert Gould Shaw and the 54th: Taking a Stand for Racial Equality"

Teacher -  John MacDonald



2nd placeKing and _ Jr. group exhibit, second place

Brittney King






Junior Individual Performance


Taylor Bailey, Jr Individual performance, 1st place1st place

Taylor Bailey






Jr. Individual performance,  2nd place2nd place







Junior Group Performance

Henning and _Jr. Group Performance, 1st place1st place

Steven Henning






2nd place - no picture available


Junior Individual Documentary

Lisa Goossen, Jr Individual documentary, 1st place1st place

Lisa Goossen






Jr. Individual documentary, 2nd place

2nd place







Junior Group Documentary

T. Frydman, Farr, and Limesand, Jr Group documentary, 1st place1st place

Liza Farr, Zoey Limesand, Tess Frydman, and Alyson Frydman, Central Junior High School, Lawrence

"Let Everyone Be Ready to Die Like a Man: Jews Taking a Stand in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising,"

Teacher - Jennifer Ybarra



Hamilton and Hammer, Jr. group documentary, 2nd place2nd place

Anna Hamilton and Sjobor Hammer, Topeka Collegiate, Topeka

Junior Group Documentary - "Lighting the Dark Places: Esther Brown and the Webb v. School District No. 90 Case"

Teacher - John MacDonald


Senior Historical Paper

1st Place

Michelle Kozubek, 1st place, Sr. historic paperMichelle Kozubek, Seaman High, Topeka

"Freedom Riders: Liberty on Wheels"

Teacher - Susan Sittenauer, district 3

Received $100 Kansas City Area Archivists scholarship






2nd PlaceHeather Onnen, 2nd place, Sr. Historical Paper

Heather Onnen, Seaman High, Topeka

"Faith in the Constitution: Resistance to the Japanese Internment"

Teacher - Susan Sittenauer, district 3






Senior Individual Exhibits

First PlaceLacey Howard, 1st place, Sr. Individual Exhibit

Lacey Howard, Haven High School, Haven

". . .So Others May Walk"

Teacher - Vicky Galloway, district 7

Received $100 Kansas Museums Association scholarship



Carly Moon, 2nd place, Sr. Individual Exibit


Second Place

Carly Moon, Seaman High Topeka

"John Brown: A Heart-Stirring Stand at the Scaffold"

Teacher - Susan Sittenauer, district 3






Senior Group ExhibitsAyers, Harvey, Boyd, and Spainhoward, 2nd place, St. Group Exhibits

First Place

Diana Ayers, Kyli Harvey, Courtney Boyd, and Kaitlin Spainhoward, Uniontown High School, Uniontown

"Two Women Taking a Stand"

Teacher - Norm Conard, district 2

Received $400 Kansas Council for the Social Studies scholarship


2nd Place

2nd place Sr. Group ExhibitKaitlin Moses, Nathan Prosa, and Brett Darnell, Chetopa High School, Chetopa

"The Big Fellow Takes a Stand"

Teacher - Susan Fiihr, district 2




Senior Individual Performances

1st Place

Timmia Hearn-Feldman, 1st place, Sr. Individual PerformanceTimmia Hearn-Feldman, Lawrence High School, Lawrence

"I Have the Heart and Stomach of a King' Queen Elizabeth I: Taking a Stand in a Man's World"

Teacher - Michael Ortmann, district 1

Received $100 Kansas Heritage Center scholarship.


2nd place

Ryan King, 2nd place, Sr. Individual PerformanceRyan King, Lawrence High School, Lawrence,


Teacher - Michael Ortmann, district 1




Senior Group Performances

1st Place

Kincaid and Hagen, 1st place, Sr. Group DocumentaryBenjamin Kincaid and Tim Hagen, Lawrence High School, Lawrence

"Sit Down! Sit Down! The UAW and the Plight of the 1936 Auto Workers"

Teacher - Michael Ortmann, district 1

Received $200 KSHS, Inc. scholarship



2nd Place

Aikins, Query, Smith, and McKinnis, 2nd place, Sr. Group DocumentaryMaria Aikins, Melissa Query, Kaity Smith, and Gage McKinnis, Uniontown High School, Uniontown

"The People's Poet"

Teacher - Norm Conard, district 2





Senior Individual Documentaries

1st Place

Samuel Huneke, 1st place, Sr. Individual DocumentarySamuel Huneke,Lawrence High School, Lawrence

"The Vote that Saved the Country: Edmund Ross's Stand for Democracy"

Teacher - Michael Ortmann, district 1

Received $125 Lawrence-Kaw Valley Corral of Westerners scholarship



2nd place

Ben Goossen, 2nd place, Sr. Individual DocumentaryBen Goossen, Washburn Rural High, Topeka

"The Voice of Les Miserables: Victor Hugo's Stand Against Tyranny"

Teacher - Robin Corbin, district 3




Senior Group Documentaries

1st Place

George, Johnston, Jurgenson, Shelton, and SpainhowardLacey George, Jesse Johnston, Hillary Jurgenson, Jamie Shelton, and Luke Spainhoward, Uniontown High School, Uniontown

"The Greatest Street in the World"

Teacher - Norm Conard, district 2

Received $200 KSHS, Inc. scholarship



2nd Place

Lodwick, Cortese, and O'Malley, 2nd place, Sr. Group DocumentaryHannah Lodwick, Sara Cortese, and Rosemary O'Malley, Central Junior High School, Lawrence

"'This is No Fairy Story and No Joke'"

Teacher - Jennifer Ybarra, district 1