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Kansas History Day - 2007 exhibits and finalists

These images were taken of the exhibits categories at Kansas History Day, Saturday, April 28, 2007, at Washburn University in Topeka. 

Junior Individual Exhibits


First place, Jr. Individual Exhibit

First PlaceEmily Simpson, 1st place, Jr. individual exhibit

Emily Simpson

"From Prairie to Dust to Conservation: The Story of the Soil on the Great Plains"






Second place

2nd place, Jr. Individual ExhibitNick Gideon, 2nd place, Jr. Individual ExhibitNick Gideon, Topeka Collegiate, Topeka

"The 'Defence of Fort McHenry': One Poet's Patriotic Vision"

Teacher - Travis Lamb







Ana Anderson, Jr. Individual Exhibit, Marian Anderson - What a VoiceAna Anderson, Robinson Middle School, Wichita

"Marian Anderson - What a Voice!"

Teacher - Katherine Sims








Daniel Kennedy, Jr. Individual Exhibit, "The Orphan Train"Daniel Kennedy, Topeka Collegiate, Topeka

"The Orphan Train: A Ride of Triumph and Tragedy"

Teacher - Lanny Moyer








Chijike Dikeogu, Jr. Individual Exhibit, "Rise and Fall of Nobunaga Oda"Chijike Dikeogu, Central Junior High, Lawrence

"The Rise and Fall of Nobunaga Oda"

Teacher - Tari Perdue








Grace Clark, Jr. Individual Exhibit, "A View Through Vincent's Eyes"



Grace Clark, Central Junior High, Lawrence

"A View Through Vincent's Eyes"

Teacher - Tari Perdue






Tori Wilson, Jr. individual exhibit, "Polio:  The Dreaded Epidemic"Tori Wilson, Santa Fe Middle School, Newton

"Polio: The Dreaded Epidemic"

Teacher - Ray Van Sickle








Mikayla Barth, Jr. Individual exhibit, "While the Capital Burned"Mikayla Barth, Marlatt Elementary, Manhattan

"While the Capital Burned"

Teacher - Terry Healy








Jordan Collins, Jr. Individual Exhibit, "The Underground Railroad"Jordan Collins, Frank V. Bergman Elementary, Manhattan

"The Underground Railroad"

Teacher - Terry Healy








BreAnn Smith, Jr. individual exhibit, "Alcatraz"BreAnn Smith, Robinson Middle School, Wichita


Teacher - Wendy Donaldson








Taylor Link, Jr. individual exhibit, "the Dust Bowl:  Tragedy of a Region"

Taylor Link, Rolla Elementary, Rolla

"The Dust Bowl:  Tragedy of a Region, The Triumph of the People"

Teacher - Mary Courtney








Carolyn Roederer, Jr. individual exhibit, "For the Children's Sake"

Carolyn Roederer, Yoder Charter Elementary School, Yoder

"For the Children's Sake"

Teacher - Chris Terrill








Hali Eads, Jr. Individual Exhibit, "Forever Barbie"Hali Eads, Fort Scott Middle School, Fort Scott

"Forever Barbie"

Teacher - Michelle Brittain







Junior Group Exhibits

First Place

Beardmore and Evans, Jr. Group Exhibit, "Photographer Lewis W. Hine"Colby Beardmore and Bailey Evans, Topeka collegiate, Topeka

"Photographer Lewis W. Hine:  Exposing the Dangerous World of Child Labor to Develop Protective Child Labor Laws"

Teacher - Travis Lamb







Second Place

Frank and Stone, Jr. Group Exhibit, "Marie Curie:  A Tragic Success"Lindsay Frank and Anne Stone, Ottawa Middle School, Ottawa

"Marie Curie:  A Tragic Success"

Teacher - Keith Entress







Other Junior Group Exhibits


Jr. Group Exhibit, "A Hand Up. . .Not a Hand Out"

Jr. Group Exhibit, "Fire of Change"

Jr. Group Exhibit, "Triumph of a Hill; Tragedy of a War"











Jr. Group Exhibit, "Schindler's List"

Jr. Group Exhibit, "General Robert E. Lee"

Jr. Group Exhibit, "Triumph and Tragedy of Executive Order 9066"











Jr. Group Exhibit, "Transportation Triumph:  The Interstate Highway System"

Jr. Group Exhibit, "Buffalo Bill:  A Life of Triumph and Tragedy"

Jr. Group Exhibit, "The Alamo - Tragedy of a Battle; Triumph of a Nation












Senior Individual Exhibits

Triangle Shirtwaist Fire

Stephanie Jian, 1st place Senior Individual ExhibitFirst Place

Stephanie Jian, Lawrence High, Lawrence

"The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire: A Tragic Triumph for Industrial Democracy"

Teacher - Mike Ortmann

Received - $100 Smoky Hill Museum scholarship




Charles LindberghPatrick Hannah, 2nd place Senior Individual ExhibitSecond Place

Patrick Hannah, Lawrence High, Lawrence

"Lindbergh: Triumph and Tragedy"

Teacher - Mike Ortmann





Senior Group Exhibits

A7713, 1st place, Senior Group Exhibits

Artzer, Meyer, Reed, and Simons, 1st Place, Senior Group Exhibit

First Place

Dillon Artzer, LeAnn Meyer, Morgan Reed, and Jarrod Simons, Seaman High School, Topeka


Teacher - Susan Sittenauer

Received - $200 Kansas Corral of Westerners scholarship




This Little Light of Mine2nd place, Senior Group ExhibitSecond Place

Courtney Boyd, Jessica Schoof, and Kylie Shepard, Uniontown High School, Uniontown

"This Little Light of Mine"

Teacher - Norm Conard





Other Senior Exhibits

Senior Individual Exhibit, Four Dead in OhioSenior Individual Exhibit, The Rise and Fall of the Ottoman Empire, Sydney Lippman, WamegoSenior Individual Exhibits, Exodusters













Senior Exhibits, Taming the Speckled MonsterSenior Exhibit, Seeking a New Beginning










Senior Group Exhibit, Jane Addams: From Most Beloved to Most Dangerous

Senior Exhibit, The Wubbluous World of Dr. Seuss

Senior Group Exhibit, Scottsboro:  The Tracks of Tragedy












Senior Group Exhibit, Alice Paul: Womens Rights Advocate

Senior Group Exhibit:  William Allen White: A Moment of Tragedy, a Lifetime of Triumph

Senior Exhibit, Map Quest for Escaping Slavery










Senior Group Exhibit: Peanuts to Prestige: The George Washington Carver Story

Senior Exhibit, Chicago Housing Authority

Senior Exhibits, Frederick Douglass: Triumph Born from Tragedy