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Kansas History Day - 2007 results

These images were taken at the Awards Ceremony on Kansas History Day, Saturday, April 28, 2007, at the Washburn University Memorial Union in Topeka.


Jr. Historical Paper - first place - Yunmei Li

Junior Historical Paper

First Place

Yunmei Li, Marlatt Elementary, Manhattan

"The Great Quake: A Triumphant Tragedy in San Francisco"

Teacher - Terry Healy

Received $100 Kansas City Area Archivists scholarship.





Jr. Historical Paper - second place - Joanna Epp


Second Place

Joanna Epp,Chisholm Middle, Newton

"The Titanic: From Ship of the Century to Disaster of the Century"

Teacher - Marcia Neal






Junior Individual Exhibit

From Soil to Dust to Conservation

Jr. Individual Exhibit - first place - Emily Simpson


First Place

Emily Simpson, Uniontown Junior High, Uniontown

"From Soil to Dust to Conservation: The Story of the Soil on the Great Plains"

Teacher - Sara Jackman

Received $100 Kansas Museums Association scholarship.





The Defence of Fort McHenry

Second PlaceJr. Individual Exhibit - second place - Nick Gideon

Nick Gideon, Topeka Collegiate, Topeka

"The 'Defence of Fort McHenry': One Poet's Patriotic Vision"

Teacher - Travis Lamb






Junior Group Exhibit

Photographer Lewis W. Hine

Beardmore and Evans, 1st place, Jr group exhibitFirst Place

Colby Beardmore and Bailey Evans, Topeka Collegiate, Topeka

"Photographer Lewis W. Hine: Exposing the Dangerous World of Child Labor to Develop Protective Child Labor Laws"

Teacher - Travis Lamb

Received $200 Kansas Historical Society, Inc. scholarship.



Marie Curie:  A Tragic Success

Frank and Stone, 2nd place, Jr. group exhibitSecond Place

Lindsay Frank and Anne Stone, Ottawa Middle School, Ottawa

"Marie Curie: A Tragic Success"

Teacher - Keith Entress






Junior Individual Performance

Shelby Carpenter, 1st place, Jr. Individual PerformanceFirst Place

Shelby Carpenter, Topeka Collegiate, Topeka

"One Woman's Voice from the Oregon Trail: Abigail Scott Duniway's Traumatic Journey and Triumphant Fight for Women's Suffrage in the New Frontier" 

Teacher - Travis Lamb

Received $100 Lawrence-Kaw Valley Corral of Westerners scholarship.




Taylor Bailey - Second place - Jr. Individual Performance


Second Place:

Taylor Bailey, Fort Scott Middle School, Fort Scott

"Typhoid Trauma"

Teacher - Michelle Brittain






Junior Group Performance

First PlaceLamb and Lui - First Place - Jr. Group Performance

Soren Lamb and Nyalia Lui, Topeka Collegiate, Topeka

"Unshackling the Mind of the Oppressed: Biko's Black Consciousness and the Triumphant Downfall of Apartheid"

Teacher - John MacDonald


Received $200 Kansas Historical Society, Inc. scholarship


Second Place

 Kremer, Moore, Omo, and Shaub - Second Place - Jr. Group Performances

Lauren Kremer, Rachel Moore, Kara Omo, and Liz Shaub, Maize Middle School, Maize

"Alicia Jurman: Triumphing Over the Tragedy of the Holocaust"

Teacher - Vicki Vernon




Junior Individual Documentary

Kayla DuBois - 1st place - Jr. Individual Documentary

First Place

Kayla DuBois, Washburn Rural Middle School, Topeka

"Dear Mr. Davis: A Family's Search for the Truth"

Teacher - Donna Sanders

Received $100 Kansas Heritage Center scholarship and the Greater Kansas City Scholarship Award





Elsa Goosen - 2nd Place - Jr. Individual Documentary

Second Place

Elsa Goossen, Washburn Rural Middle School, Topeka

"'For Us There Is No Return': Mennonite Journeys Out of Russia"

Teacher - Donna Sanders






Junior Group Documentary

Myers, Pffanenstiel, and Richards - First Place - Jr. Group Documentary

First Place

Phebe Myers, Calvert Pfannenstiel, and Anrai Richards, Lawrence Central Junior High, Lawrence

"'War of all Wars': The Tragedy of Chernobyl, The Triumphant Consequence of Perestroika"

Teacher - Tari Perdue

Received $400 Kansas Council for the Social Studies scholarship.




Farr, Frydman, and Limesand - Second Place - Jr. Group Documentaries


Second Place

Liza Farr, Alyson Frydman, and Zoe Limesand, Lawrence Central Junior High, Lawrence

"Cold Blooded Murder - The Tragedy of the Soweto Uprising; A Triumph Against the South African Apartheid"

Teacher - Tari Perdue





Senior Historical PaperElaine Davis, First place, Sr. historical paper

First Place

Elaine Davis, Seaman High School, Topeka

"The Jungle's Tangled Legacy"

Teacher - Susan Sittenauer

Received $100 Kansas Corral of Westerners scholarship




Julie Scherer - Second Place - Sr. Historical PaperSecond Place

Julie Scherer, Wamego High School, Wamego

"From Practically Unsinkable to the Atlantic's Ocean Floor: R.M.S. Titanic"

Teacher - Marcia Fox






Senior Individual Exhibit

The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire

Stephanie Jian - First place - Sr. individual exhibitFirst Place

Stephanie Jian, Lawrence High, Lawrence

Teacher, Mike Ortmann

"The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire: A Tragic Triumph for Industrial Democracy"

Received $100 Smoky Hill Museum scholarship.





Lindbergh: Triumph and Tragedy

Patrick Hannah - Second Place - Sr. Individual Exhibit

Second Place

Patrick Hannah, Lawrence High, Lawrence

Teacher, Mike Ortmann

"Lindbergh: Triumph and Tragedy"






Senior Group Exhibit


Artzer, Meyer, Reed, and Simons - 1st place - Sr. group exhibitFirst Place

Dillon Artzer, Le Ann Meyer, Morgan Reed, and Jarrod Simons, Seaman High School, Topeka

Teacher, Susan Sittenauer


Received $200 Kansas Corral of Westerners scholarship.





This Little Light of Mine

Boyd, Schoof, and Shepard - Second Place - Sr. Group Exhibit

Second Place

Courtney Boyd, Jessica Schoof, and Kylie Shepard, Uniontown High School, Uniontown

"This Little Light of Mine"

Teacher - Norm Conard





Senior Individual Performance

 Timmia Hearn-Feldman - First Place - Sr. Individual Performance

First Place

Timmia Hearn Feldman, Lawrence High, Lawrence

"'You Have No Right To Do As You Like With Me' Harriet Jacobs: Triumph Through Oppression"

Teacher - Mike Ortmann

Received $100 Kansas Council of the Social Studies scholarship





Rebekah De Moss - Second Place - Sr. Individual Performance

Second Place

Rebekah DeMoss, Uniontown High School, Uniontown

Teacher, Norm Conard

"Triumph and Tragedy in Przemysl"





Senior Group Performance

McKinnins, Query, Smith, Spainhoward, and Stewart - First Place - Sr. Group Performance

First Place

Gage McKinnins, Melissa Query, Kaity Smith, Katie Spainhoward, and Travis Stewart, Uniontown High School, Uniontown

"When Light Pierced the Darkness"

Teacher - Norm Conard

Received $200 Kansas Association of Historians scholarship.


Second Place

Boyer and Samp - Second Place - Sr. Group Performance

Alex Boyer and Jon Samp, Lawrence High, Lawrence

"Triumph and Tragedy: The Seige of Bastogne"

Teacher - Mike Ortmann








Senior Individual Documentary

Samuel Huneke - First place - Sr. Individual DocumentaryFirst Place

Samuel Huneke, Lawrence High, Lawrence

"Democracy in the Heart of Europe: The Triumph and Tragedy of the Czechoslovak Republic"

Teacher - Mike Ortmann

Received $100 Kansas Historical Society, Inc. scholarship.




Sarah Swearer - Second Place - Sr. Individual Documentary

Second Place

Sarah Swearer, Hutchinson High, Hutchinson

"Third Time's a Charm: The Triump of Women's Suffrage in Kansas"

Teacher - Nathan Henry






Senior Group Documentary

Cortese, Lodwick, and O'Malley - First Place - Sr. Group Documentary

First Place

Sara Cortese, Hannah Lodwick, and Rosemary O'Malley, Lawrence Free State High, Lawrence

"'If in Barbed Wire Things Can Bloom, Why Couldn't I? I will not die, I will not die.'"

Teacher - Chuck Law

Received $400 Fort Larned Old Guard, Fort Larned National Historic Site scholarship.





Alexander and Buchanan - Second Place - Senior Group Documentary

Second Place

Rachel Alexander and Krystal Buchanan, Seaman High School, Topeka

"Orphan Trains: A Place to Belong"

Teacher - Susan Sittenauer






Additional Special Award

Bleeding Kansas Heritage Area Award to Hannah Frydman

Bleeding Kansas Heritage Area Award

Hannah Frydman, Lawrence Free State High School, Lawrence - Senior Individual Documentary

"'Hopeful for Liberty': Clarina Nichols' Crusade for Women's Rights in Kansas"