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Kansas History Day - 2008

These images were taken at the Awards Ceremony on Kansas History Day, April 26, 2008, at Washburn University in Topeka.

Junior Historical Paper

Jiemin Wei, Overland Trail Middle School

First Place

Jiemin Wei, Overland Trail Middle School, Overland Park

Teacher - Paula Nordstrom

"From Excluded to Included: The Ongoing Evolution of Chinese Immigrants in America"






Junior Paper - 2nd Place - Faith Davolt

Second Place

Faith Davolt, Fort Scott Christian Heights, Fort Scott

"Witchcraft Hysteria"

Teacher - Karen Schellack






Junior Individual ExhibitJunior Individual Exhibit - 1st place - Cooper Self

First Place

Cooper Self, Topeka Collegiate, Topeka

"'I Like Ike' and His Compromise to Avoid Nuclear Conflict" 

Teacher - Lanny Moyer






Junior Individual Exhibit - 2nd Place - Anna Kimmel


Second Place

Anna Kimmel, Prosperity Elementary, Hutchinson

"Voice of the Prairie"

Teacher - Jean Conklin





Junior Group Exhibit

Junior Group Exhibit - 1st Place - Wiltz, Risley, and GloverFirst Place

Morgan Wiltse, Emily Risley, and Kelci Glover,  Wilbur Middle School, Wichita

"Elizabeth Cady Stanton"

Teacher - Barbara Brotton






Second Place

Junior Group Exhibit - -2nd place - Tate and Laufer

Sophie Tate and Sophie Laufer, Central Junior High School, Lawrence

"The Story That Has Not Been Told: Conflict and Compromise within Topeka's Black Community at the Time of Brown vs. Topeka Board of Education"

Teacher - Christine Connor







Junior Individual PerformanceJunior Individual Performances - 1st place - Karly Hanna

First Place

Karly Hanna,  Jardine Middle School, Topeka

"We're People, Too: Clarina Nichols' Fight for Feminism"

Teacher - Judy Pierson





Second Place

Junior Individual Performance - 2nd Place - Taylor Klene

Taylor Klene, Christ the King School, Topeka

"The Children's Crusade': The Secret Weapon of Desegregation"

Teacher - Kelly Kelley








Junior Group Performance

Junior Group Performance - 1st place - Lui, Carpenter, and Lamb


First Place

Nyalia Lui, Shelby Carpenter, and Soren Lamb,  Topeka Collegiate, Topeka

"Asa Philip Randolph, Eleanor Roosevelt, and President Franklin Roosevelt: Conflict and Compromise in Negotiating Executive Order 8802"

Teacher - Travis Lamb


Junior Group Performance - 2nd place- Cox, Shaffer, and Wallace

Second Place

David Cox, Theresa Schafer, and Elizabeth Wallace, Fort Scott Christian Heights, Fort Scott


Teacher - Karen Schellack



Junior Individual Documentary

Junior Individual Documentary - 1st - Madison Schoen


First Place

Madison Schoen, Patton Junior High School, Fort Leavenworth

"Breaking the Gustav Line: The Battle of Monte Cassino"

Teacher - Karen Gladhart






Junior Individual Documentary - 2nd place- Nora Byers


Second Place

Nora Byers, Central Junior High School, Lawrence

"Bella Abzug"

Teacher - Christine Connor





Junior Group Documentary

Junior Group Documentary -  Chanay, Mullican, and Henriquez

First Place

Alex Chanay, Julian Mullican, and Nicky Henriquez, Topeka Collegiate, Topeka

"Deemed Necessary: The Wartime Internment and Restriction of Rights of Japanese Americans"

Teacher - Travis Lamb

Received - $200 scholarship from Kansas Association of Historians


Junior Group Documentary - 2nd place

Second Place

Patrick Elisah and Reston Phillips, Topeka Collegiate, Topeka

"The Merging of Locals 627 and 34: A Compromise Made for a New Beginning in the Jazz Era" 

Teacher - Travis Lamb






Junior Website

Jr. Group Websites - 1st Place - Hersch and Webb First Place

Sam Hirsch and Troy Ward, Woodrow Wilson Elementary School, Manhattan

"Little Rock Nine-Conflict Over Compromise in Integration"

Teacher - Terry Healy

Received - $200 scholarship from Kansas Council for the Social Studies





Junior Group Websites - 2nd Place - Eskilson and Hermann

Second Place

Jackson Hermann and Aleksander Eskilson, Shawnee Heights Middle School, Topeka

"Cold War Relations: Collaborating Through the Medium of Space"

Teacher - Donna Sander


Senior Historical Paper

 Senior Historical Paper, 1st Place, Goossen

First Place

Ben Goossen, Washburn Rural High School, Topeka

"A Voice of Reason in Uncompromising Times: James Hanway's Kansas"

Teacher - Matt Mosher

Received - $100 scholarship from the Kansas City Area Archivists





Sr. Historical Paper - 2nd Place - Scherer


Second Place

Julie Scherer, Wamego High School, Wamego

"Denying Personal Justice to the Japanese-Americans"  

Teacher - Adam Topliff





Senior Individual Exhibit

Senior Individual Exhibit 1st Place by Michael Wollin

First Place:

Michael Wollin, Seaman High School, Topeka

"Korematsu v. United States"

Teacher - Susan Sittenauer

Received - $100 scholarship from Kansas Museums Association





Second Place:

Senior Individual Exhibit - 2nd Place, Van HornRachel Van Horn, Lawrence High School, Lawrence

"Prague Spring 1968: Conflict Through a Failure to Compromise" 

Teacher - Michael Ortmann







Senior Group Exhibit


Senior Group Exhibits - 1st Place - Bova and ClarkFirst Place

Grace Bova and Grace Clark, Central Junior High School, Lawrence

"From purple black, to pallid white: Racial Conflict In Jazz"

Teacher - Christine Connor

Received - $200 scholarship from the Butler County History Center and Kansas Oil Museum





Senior Group Exhibit - 2nd Place - Grosdidier and Johnson


Second Place

Melissa Grosdidier and Ariel Johnson, Seaman High School, Topeka

"'Kill the Indian, Save the Man'"

Teacher - Susan Sittenauer.





Senior Individual Performance

First Place

Senior Individual Performance - 1st - GishKristen Gish, Lawrence High School, Lawrence

"The Unpopular Vote"

Teacher - Michael Ortmann

Received - $100 scholarship from Kansas Heritage Center






Second Place

Senior Individual Performance - 2nd - Fowler

Carina Fowler, Lawrence High School, Lawrence

"Alice Paul: Passionate Conflict and Strategic Compromise"

Teacher - Michael Ortmann







Senior Group Performance

First Place

Senior Group Performance - 1st - Mims and MimsKai Mims and Reanda Mims, Fort Scott Senior High School, Fort Scott

"Life of an Abolitionist: Spirit of a Fiddler"

Teacher - Megan Felt

Received - $100 scholarship from Kansas State Historical Society, Inc.



Senior Group Performance - 2nd- Zimmerman, Petersen, Snyder

Second Place

Vanessa Zimmerman, Ezra Petersen, and Jill Snyder, Northfield School of Liberal Arts, Wichita

"Mama's Lilly"

Teacher - Ken Spurgeon



Senior Individual Documentary

Senior Individual Documentary - 1st - Hammer


First Place

Sjobor Hammer, Topeka High School, Topeka

"'Bones of Contention': Battling for Human Dignity at the Salina Indian Burial Pit"

Teacher - Harry M. Peterson, Jr.

Received - $100 scholarship from Kansas State Historical Society, Inc.




Senior Individual Documentary - 2nd place - Desai


Second Place

Neel Desai, Shawnee Mission West High School, Shawnee Mission


"Pushing for the Bomb: How America's First "Assistant President" Ushered in the Atomic Age"

Teacher - Ron Walker



Senior Group Documentary



First Place

Michael Rodgers and Sarah Wolf, Northeast Magnet High School, Wichita

"Stalingrad: Stalemate on the Eastern Front"

Teacher - Albert Conard

Received - $400 scholarship from Kansas Council for the Social Studies


Senior Websites - 2nd Place - Hurla and Franken


Second Place

Kim Hurla and Ashley Franken, Seaman High School, Topeka

"We Shall Overcome: The Freedom Riders of 1961"

Teacher - Susan Sittenauer



Senior Websites

Senior Group Website - 1st Place -Bear, Wroten, Friedel, and Compton

First Place

Casey Bear, Kelsey Wroten, Brittany Friedel, and Cailin Compton, Gardner Edgerton High, Gardner

"The Unusual Enterprises of Dr. Brinkley"

Teachers - Derrick Abromeit and Ryan Plankenhorn

Received - $200 scholarship from Kansas Council for the Social Studies


Second Place

Christine Barragree and Kayla Clasen, Bishop Carroll Catholic High School, Wichita

"Victim or Rebel: The Cherokee Tribe During the Civil War,"

Teacher - Janet Berry



Teacher of the Year

Kansas History Day Teacher of the Year - Travis Lamb - Topeka Collegiate

Travis Lamb received the Kansas History Day Teacher of the Year Award. Lamb is a history and geography teacher at Topeka Collegiate School. He will be nominated for the National History Day Richard Farrell Teachers of Merit Award.








Special Prizes

Special Award- Blackwell

Cassandra Blackwell, Seaman High School, Topeka

Received $50 for the Bleeding Kansas Award sponsored by the Freedom's Frontier National Heritage Area for her senior individual performance, "James Lane: The Conflicted Life of a U.S. Senator and the Compromises He Made."









Special Award - Goossen

Ben Goossen, Washburn Rural High School, Topeka

Received $100 for the Native Sons and Daughters of Greater Kansas City History Award for his senior historical paper, "A Voice of Reason in Uncompromising Times: James Hanway's Kansas."









Special Award - Cox and Coates

Dylan Cox and Thomas Coates, Topeka Collegiate, Topeka

Received $75 for the Society for American Baseball Research Prize for their junior group exhibit, "Jackie Robinson and Branch Rickey: Compromising for Equality."