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Kansas Kaleidoscope - August/September 2006

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Kansas Kaleidoscope, August/September 2006 Read All About It

This issue explores the history of literature in Kansas from early stories that promoted Kansas, to today's authors who share their books online. Learn more about Kansas' fascinating authors and illustrators, from historic times to the present.

On The Cover

Governor Kathleen Sebelius reads with Kansas students.

For Parents and Teachers:

Kaleidoscope's mission is to provide teachers with tools to address the state curriculur standards in history and reading. due to the themes of this issue, reading standards are emphasized. The issue supports several reading standards for grades four though six, Standard 1, Benchmark 4, Reading: student comprehends a variety of texts, identifying text structures. the poems Headin' North and Mother to Son both support: Standard 2, Benchmark 1, Literature: student uses literary concepts to interpret and respond to text and Standard 2, Benchmark 2, Literature: student understands the significance of literature and its contributions to human understanding and culture. Teacher supplements on text structures are available online.

Read All About It

Kansas State Capitol book stackStories have been important to Kansans since the beginning. Tall tales--stories that stretched the truth--printed in newspapers and spoken by politicans back east made people want to come to Kansas.

She's Reading

First Lady Laura W. Bush loves to read. She talks about reading. She writes about reading. She thinkgs children should read.

Visit History - 2006 Kansas Book Festival

Governor Kathleen Sebelius invites all Kansans to attend the first Kansas Book Festival on September 29-30, 2006 in Wichita. It celebrates Kansas by exploring the books, art, film, and history of this great state!

Stretching the Truth: Kansas Tall Tales

Drouthy KansasKansans like to record their thoughts and feelings into stories. Much of what was written by early settlers focused on their experiences of living on the frontier.

Stories From the Saddle

In 1866, cowboys began herding cattle up the trails from Texas to Kansas. Cowtowns such as Abilene, Ellsworth, and Dodge City became well known for being the end of the trail.

Cynthia Leitich SmithFinding Their Voices: Selected Kansas Authors and Illustrators

Kansas Kaleidoscope presents a sampling of some of the state's best authors and illustrators. There are many more we could feature if we had more space. Ask your school librarian for other books written by Kansans. Authors featured: Eugene F. Ware, Margaret Hill McCarter, Langston Hughes, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Richie Tankersley Cusick, Christine Schneider, Bill Martin, Jr., Cynthia Leitich Smith, and Brad Sneed.

I Heard Said the Bird, illustrated by Brad SneedIn This Issue:

  • On the Cover
  • Reading and Writing in Kansas
  • For Parents & Teachers
  • Read All About It!
  • She's Reading
  • Visit History - 2006 Kansas Book Festival
  • Stretching the Truth: Kansas Tall Tales
  • Stories From the Saddle
  • Finding Their Voices: Selected Kansas Authors and Illustrators
  • Book Nook
  • Kaleidoscope Challenge
  • History Lab
  • Countdown to Statehood
  • Book Nook
  • Answers
  • Bee a Winner!
  • Congratulations

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