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Kansas Kaleidoscope - August/September 2007

Real People. Real Stories. For kids!

Kansas Kaleidoscope, August/September 2007 Get to Know Famous Kansans

Can you name a famous musician? A famous TV star? A famous athlete? What about a famous place, a famous document, or a famous invention?

For Parents and Teachers:

To understand Kansas history better, we often take a look at the diverse mixture of people who have had a profound impact on the state. This Kaleidoscope highlights several notable Kansans. Some names will be more familiar than others. But each has contributed to our state's heritage. We hope that students will be inspired by their stories and want to embrace their values. Also, through awareness we hope students will gain an increased pride in our wonderful state. This issue was written with Kansas history standard Benchmark 22, Indicator 1 in mind. (The student researches the contributions made by notable Kansans in history.) Please remember to visit our web site to find student worksheets created for classroom use especially for this issue.

Sellers Motor Car Co.1928 Person of the Year

Kansan Walter P. Chrysler was chosen "Person of the Year" by Time magazine and his photograph appeared on the January 1929 cover. And what a year it was for Mr. Chrysler!

Pizza HutPizza Anyone?

The year was 1958. Dan and Frank Carney were college students working nights at the family grocery store in Wichita. When the building next door became available, the two brothers jumped at the chance to open their own business.

First Lady of Aviation

Olive Ann Mellor Beech was born in Waverly in 1903. As a child Olive Ann had a unique interest in managing money. Her parents allowed her to start a bank account at age 7.Olive Ann Beech

Brooks Rhymes with Books!

Seven-year-old Gwendolyn Brooks loved rhyming words. She loved them so much that her mom encouraged her to write them down. By the age of 13 Gwendolyn had published her first poem.

Sheriff Mabel

Mabel Chase was married to the Kiowa County sheriff. As election time approached, the people of Kiowa County knew Sheriff Frank Chase had served as long as the law allowed. They wanted his replacement to be just as reliable as he had been. The locals felt the best qualified candidate for the job was his deputy and wife, Mabel.

Wayne SimienLiving His Lifelong Dream

Born and raised in Leavenworth, Wayne Simien was a fan of the University of Kansas Jayhawks for as long as he could remember. After attending his first basketball camp at KU as a seventh grader, Wayne was hooked!

Once Famous, Always Famous?

Most of the Kansans highlights in this Kaleidoscope lived many years ago. Yet we still consider them to be famous. But there have been some Kansans whose fame has been forgotten.

Brent DellingerYo-Yo-ing His Way to Fame

Brent Dellinger is known as "The Kansas Spin Master." He earned that title by mastering tricks such as the "boingy boingy," the "roller coaster," the "zipper," and the "pop 'n fresh."

In This Issue:

  • What Does it Mean to be Famous?
  • For Parents & Teachers
  • Countdown to Statehood
  • On the Cover
  • 1928 Person of the Year
  • Visit History
  • Pizza Anyone?
  • First Lady of Aviation
  • Brooks Rhymes With Books!
  • Sheriff Mabel
  • Living His Lifelong Dream
  • Answers
  • Once Famous, Always Famous?
  • History Lab
  • Yo-Yo-ing His Way to Fame
  • Famous Kansans Word Search
  • Kaleidoscope Challenge
  • Famous Dogs Word Search
  • Bee a Winner!
  • Book Nook

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