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Kansas Kaleidoscope - December 2008/January 2009

Real People. Real Stories. For kids!

Kansas Kaleidoscope, December 2008/January 2009 Welcome to Kansas, Mr. President

This issue of Kaleidoscope shows you how to be a historian, or history detective. You will look for clues and learn to “read” them to learn about the past.

For Parents and Teachers:

Every presidential election is important to our country. As the first African American president soon takes his seat in the White House, we reflect on the president who helped free enslaved African Americans many years ago. Presidential history includes exciting stories that reflect our country’s values at the time. Learning about Kansas connections to these American leaders helps bring this history into our own lives. This issue addresses fourth grade history standard: Benchmark 4, Indicator 1: student understands the significance of important individuals and major developments in history.


Countdown to Statehood

Students of Lombard College at Galesburg, Illinois, gave this banner to Abraham Lincoln on October 7, 1858. Lincoln’s fifth presidential debate with U.S. Senator Stephen Douglas was held at Galesburg that evening. Lincoln later gave the banner to Mark Delahay of Leavenworth, a relative by marriage. Today this banner is in the collection of the Kansas Historical Society, Topeka.





Presidents & Kansas

Commenerative Lincoln CoinsOur country elected a new president on November 4, 2008. Barack Obama will take the oath of office on January 20, 2009, to become the 44th president of the United States of America.

Lincoln in Kansas

Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president of the United States. He was elected in 1860 just before Kansas became a state. Lincoln is known as one of the greatest presidents of our country.

Kansas Joins the Union

When Abraham Lincoln was elected president in 1860, southern slave states were not happy. They were worried Lincoln would make slavery illegal. They reacted by seceding, or leaving, the United States.

Program from Ford's Theatre when Lincoln was shotVictory and Loss

In 1864 Abraham Lincoln was reelected president. Unfortunately, he would not live to serve his entire term.

Reflecting on Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln is known as one of the greatest presidents of our country. Why was Lincoln’s presidency so important?

Worlds Apart: Worlds Connected

America elected its first African American president this past November, comparisons were already being made between Barack Obama and Abraham Lincoln.I Like Ike Campaign Button

The Man From Abilene

The only United States president to call Kansas home was actually born in Texas. Dwight D. Eisenhower was the 34th president (1953-1961).

Presidential Visits

You’ve already learned of Abraham Lincoln’s visit to Kansas. Many other presidents have made trips to our great state. Several others visited either before or after they became president. Has a president ever visited your town?

History Lab

Welcome to Kansas, Mr. PresidentThis year Kansas Kaleidoscope asked fourth graders from Topeka to help with History Lab. Their assignment was to visit our collections website and use primary sources to write a story related to this issue about presidents. You can try it, too, by visiting kansasmemory.org. For this issue Chessa McCalla and Hailey Robertson researched Abraham Lincoln. Thanks Chessa and Hailey!

Story Starters

Basketball is popular in Kansas because...

Read what students have written for Story Starters for this issue.

In This Issue:

  • On the Cover
  • Lincoln in Kansas
  • Countdown to Statehood
  • For Parents and Teachers
  • Kansas Joins the Union
  • Victory and Loss
  • Reflecting on Abraham Lincoln
  • Worlds Apart: Worlds Connected
  • The Man From Abilene
  • Visit History
  • Presidential Visits
  • Grace Bedell: Presidential Adviser
  • National Celebration: Lincoln Turns 200 Years Old
  • Obama’s Roots in Kansas
  • Word Search
  • Kaleidoscope Challenge
  • History Lab
  • Answers
  • Book Nook
  • Story Starter

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