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Kansas Kaleidoscope - January/February 1999

(Volume 2, Number 4)

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Kansas Kaleidoscope, January/February 1999 Who Am I?

As a boy I liked to fish and play baseball with my friends. After graduating from college, I began a career in public service. Guess who I am.

When I was a Kid (by Governor Bill Graves)

Although times have changed since I was young, there are certain things that always will be an inherent part of being a boy -- baseball, swimming in the river and playing with friends.

A Life in Public Service

Governor Bill Graves grew up in Salina and graduated from Salina Central High School in 1971.

Kansas Government

Three Branches: Legislative, Executive, and Judicial.

How Does an Idea Become a Law?

An idea has to travel a long way before it actually becomes a law in Kansas.

The Legislative War of 1893

The Kansas State Legislature met for the first time in March 1861, with 75 representatives and 26 senators elected by the people of the new state of Kansas.

Funny Laws

Over the years, the Kansas Legislature has created a multitude of laws to govern the Kansas people.

Even more ridiculous though, have been some of the bills introduced but never enacted into laws. For example: Around World War I, a legislator introduced a bill to prohibit any woman from appearing in public in a skirt which did not extend at least four inches below the kneecap.

Building a Kansas Government

View the Kansas government from the 1850s through 1999. And do the Capitol Word Search.

Kaleidoscope Challenge

Identify the missing words in the sentences. All answers can be found in the text of the issue.