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Kansas Kaleidoscope - November 1997

(Volume 1, Number 3)

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Kansas Kaleidoscope, November 1997 THE NATIVE AMERICAN IN KANSAS

Were You Born in Kansas?

If you were, you are a native Kansan. Now, think about your great-great-grandparents. Were they born in Kansas? Chances are, they were not but instead were immigrants, people who moved here from another country. They were native German if they were born in Germany or native Mexican if they were born in Mexico.

Early Plains Peoples--Pre 1800s

American Indian in regalia The First European Contact

The Emigrant Indians & Missions--1830s to 1860s

Broken Promises--Mid- to late 1800s

Present-day Kansas

The All-Purpose Buffalo

In early times, American bison, also known as buffalo, roamed the plains in huge herds. The buffalo was sacred to the Plains Indians. They considered the animal to be the giver of life and to have great spiritual power.

Meet Felicia Chisholm

"I'm proud of my Indian heritage," says 12-year-old Felicia Meairs Chisholm, a 6th grader at Haysville Middle School near Wichita.

Picture This!

For centuries, Native American did not use an alphabet. Plains Indians recorded their activities with pictures drawn on buffalo robes, hide tipis, and rock. Few of these early records have survived today.

In This Issue:

  • Kaleidoscope Quiz
  • Word Search
  • Bead Art:
    A symbol of Native American Heritage

Make your own bead loom and create a beaded design with weaving!