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Kansas Kaleidoscope - November/December 1998

(Volume 2, Number 3)

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Kansas Kaleidoscope, November 1998 CLAIMS TO FAME

Kansas has a lot to be proud of in the citizens of Kansas. Famous athletes, politicians, artists, scientists and even an action hero have called Kansas "home" at some time in their lives.

Carry Nation 1846 - 1911

In 1890, Carry Nation moved with her daughter and second husband to Medicine Lodge.

William Allen White 1868 - 1944

Emporia newspaperman William Allen White became famous after his essay "What's the matter with Kansas?"

Walter "Big Train" John 1887 - 1946

A native of Humboldt, Walter Johnson was a talented baseball player famous for leading the Wahsington Senators to a World Series victory in 1924.

Dwight D. Eisenhower 1890 - 1969

Dwight D. "Ike" Eisenhower, the 34th President of the United States and a World War II military hero, never forgot his hometown of Abilene.

Olive Ann Beech 1903 - 1993

Olive Ann Beech and her husband, Walter, were aviation pioneers in Wichita.

Clyde Tombaugh 1906 - 1997

Clyde Tombaugh grew up fascinated with the night sky.

Gordon Parks 1912 -

Internationally known photographer, author, poet, composer and filmmaker Gordon Parks is native of Fort Scott.

Dillon Companies 1913 -

Does you family shop in a Dillon's supermarket? Did you know that this home-grown Kansas business pioneered the idea of self-serve grocery stores?

Jack Kilby 1923 -

Jack St. Clair Kilby, who grew up in Great Bend, is an inventor who changed the world.

Blackbear Bosin 1921 - 1980

Native American artist Blackbear Bosin, a Kiowa-Comanche, was known around the world for his artwork.

Robert Ballard 1942 -

Although he lived in Kansas only as a very young boy, oceanographer Robert Ballard is proud to claim his Kansas roots.

Pizza Hut Restaurant 1958 -

The business that helped pizza become a household word in America -- Pizza Hut -- began in Wichita in 1958.

James Reynolds

"You are 'famous' if you are known by complete strangers."