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Kansas Kaleidoscope - October 1998

(Volume 2, Number 2)

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Kansas Kaleidoscope, October 1998 SANTA FE TRAIL, A ROAD MUCH TRAVELED!

William Becknell needed to raise some money to pay some long overdue debts when he set out from Franklin, Missouri, and headed southwest to Mexico.

Most of the Santa Fe Trail Is In Kansas

The story begins in 1821, the year Mexico gained its independence from Spain.

The Cimarron Cutoff

On his second trip, William Becknell pioneered the Cimarron Cutoff route, the road most Santa Fe traders used for the next 40 years.

You Name It. . .They Traded It!

Lots of stuff, including face powder, playing cards, groceries and furniture, was transported along the Santa Fe Trail from the United States to Mexico.

Tracking the Trail

The Santa Fe Trail was 900 miles long from Franklin, Missouri, to Santa Fe, New Mexico. It crossed parts of five states but more than half of the trail was in Kansas.

How Well "Do You Know the Santa Fe Trail?

Using the map and information supplied, you can answer eight questions about the trail.

Santa Fe Trail Timeline

Track the history of the trail from 1810 through 1880.

Down the Trail with Susan Shelby Magoffin

Eighteen-year-old Susan Shelby Magoffin made history when she traveled to Santa Fe in 1846. Now only was she one of the first American women to travel the trail, but she also kept one of the most detailed journals of daily experience on the trail.

Try a Taste of the Trail

Make Corn and Bean Soup from the recipe provided.

Strong as an Ox. . .Stubborn as a Mule

Have you heard or used these phrases? Santa Fe Trail traders probably used them as often because they depended on both mules and oxen to haul their goods to and from Mexico.

War on the Trail

In 1846, the United States declared war on Mexico.

¿Habla usted espanol?

See how many Spanish words you know.