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Kansas Kaleidoscope - October/November 1999

(Volume 3, Number 2)

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Kansas Kaleidoscope, October/November 1999

Everyone enjoys holidays. What makes these days special? Read on to learn about some favorite holidays in Kansas.

Trick or Treat. . .Give Me Something Good to Eat!

When you dress in a costume this Halloween, you will be participating in a tradition that began in England centuries ago.

Kansas Holds Out for Tradition

The custom of enjoying a big turkey dinner with family and friends on Thanksgiving Day is one of the oldest traditions in our country.

Christmas in "Little Sweden, U.S.A."

Swedish immigrants began arriving in Kansas in large numbers in the late 1860s.

Make Your Own Ljuskronor

Ljuskronor, or candles wrapped with cut paper, are a Christmas tradition for many Swedish Americans.

The Legend of St. Lucia

According to legend, Lucia was young maiden who lived in Sicily around the year 300.

Happy Birthday Kansas

There was lots of cheering in Kansas on January 29, 1861 - the day Kansas became the 34th state in the Union.

Roses are red. . . Violets are blue. . .Sugar is sweet. . .And so are you.

Valentine's Day has always been popular with schoolchildren.

Three Cheers for the Red, White and Blue

Parades, picnics, fireworks and more.

Viva La Independencia!

September 16 is a day with special meaning for the many Mexican Americans living in Kansas.

Celebrating Freedom in Nicodemus

Many communities host celebrations to commemorate the 1863 Emancipation Proclamation. Nicodemus, in Graham County, attracts a crowd for its Homecoming.

Do You Celebrate Frances Willard Day?

In 1915 Kansas law required that all public schools observe September 28 as "Frances Willard Day."

A Day for Planting Trees

Arbor Day is a holiday that began in the Midwest more than 100 years ago.

American Flag

The Kansas Department Education's 1944 Manual for Patriotic Instruction advised Kansas public schools to prominently display the American flag on 13 special days.