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Kansas Kaleidoscope - October/November 2000

(Volume 4, Number 2)

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Kansas Kaleidoscope, October/November 2000 Lewis and Clark: Continue the Journey

The Louisiana Purchase - A Great Moment in History

What a bargain! In 1803 the United States government purchased the Louisiana Territory for a total price of $15 million, or just under three cents an acre. Can you identify the 14 states that are part of the original Louisiana Purchase?

Exploring the Unknown

President Thomas Jefferson had always been interested in the land beyond America's western border. What new plants grew there? How many different animals lived in the West?

Thomas Jefferson - America's Renaissance Man

Thomas Jefferson may be best known as the author of the Declaration of Independence and one of our greatest presidents. He was also the creator of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. But did you know he could read several languages and also was a skilled architect and inventor?

Lewis and Clark's Mission

"The object of your
mission is to explore
the Missouri River. . .
and other rivers[s
which] may offer the
most direct and
practicable water
communication across
the continent. . ."

-- President Thomas Jefferson

These words are from a long letter of instruction written by Jefferson to Meriwether Lewis in 1803.

The Corps of Discovery

The 45 people selected to explore the Louisiana Purchase were a special group on a special mission. They were officially called the Corps of Volunteers on an Expedition of North Western Discovery.

Meriwether Lewis

Meriwether Lewis was serving as Jefferson's personal secretary when he was selected to lead the expedition. Born in 1774, Lewis grew up on a 1,000 acre plantation near Jefferson's home.

William Clark

Captain William Clark was also born in Virginia, the ninth in a family of 10 children. All of his older brothers were Revolutionary War veterans.

A Time to Commemorate - Lewis and Clark in Kansas

Lewis and Clark's route to the Pacific Ocean and back took them through areas that would eventually become 11 states. The Corps of Discovery spent the most time in North Dakota, even though the longest part of the trail is in Montana.

Explore Your Own Backyard

America's continued quest to explore the unknown is one of the legacies of Lewis and Clark, whether it is rocketing into deepest space or traveling to the bottom of the ocean. There are still many areas to be explored.

8,000 Miles in 863 Days

Jefferson had faith that Lewis and Clark would complete the trip to the Pacific Ocean and return safely But he also was aware of the great danger in which he placed them.

Sacagawea - The Bird Woman

Sacagawea has been called the most famous Indian heroine. She was just a teenager when she was asked to join Lewis and Clark's expedition.

York - A Man of "Big Medicine

When William Clark joined Meriwether Lewis in 1803, he brought with him his slave. York had grown up with Clark and now was ready to join him on this dangerous voyage.

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