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Kansas Kaleidoscope - October/November 2006

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Kansas Kaleidoscope, October/November 2006 Explore!

Explorers have traveled the land, the sea, and some parts of outer space. This issue of Kaleidoscope examines some of the earliest explorers to the state and the written records each left behind. Readers will discover that there are different reasons for exploration, including map making, land acquisition, scientific research, and treasure hunting. This issue also looks at Kansans who have become famous explorers. Read on to learn more.

For Parents and Teachers:

Kansas Kaleidoscope is designed to provide teachers with tools to address the state curricular standards. This issue emphasizes exploration and is appropriate in support of the following fourth grade Kansas history standard: I-4 History: Benchmark 1: Indicator 3: Describes the observations of the explorers who came to what was to become Kansas (i.e., Francisco Coronado, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, Zebulon Pike, and Stephen H. Long).

Visit History - Pawnee Indian Museum

The Pawnee Indian Museum State Historic Site near Republic offers visitors a chance to explore the life of the Kitkahahki (KIT-ka-ha-key). 

Countdown to Statehood: Kansas Territorial Fact: August 30, 1856

In the heat of Kansas summer, a group of men who believed Kansans should be allowed to own slaves, attacked the community of Osawatomie. . .for the second time! These proslavery raiders fought a group of men, called freestaters, who were against slavery. John Brown was their leader in the fight against slavery. Unfortunately for Brown and his followers, they lost and the proslavery raiders destroyed the town.

The Write Stuff: Early Explorers

Native American Indians with dogsAn explorer's job is to observe, record, and share information. In the past, explorers sometimes found themselves exploring land where others already lived.

Exploration in Kansas

Many explorers traveled through Kansas. A timeline helps keep track of who came and when.

And In This Corner. . .Spain vs. France

Kansans like to record their thoughts and feelings into stories. Much of what was written by early settlers focused on their experiences of living on the frontier.

Spanish Exploration: Now That's a Big Fish Story

Francisco Vasquez de Coronado was a Spaniard who came to Kansas looking for gold. Traveling with Coronado was a slave nicknamed "Turk."

In His Words

Pedro de Casteñeda was with Coronado when he explored what is now Kansas. Casteñeda wrote about it in his journal.

French Exploration

More than one hundred years after Coronado's trip, France sent explorers into Kansas. The French wanted the Native Americans to agree to trade with them, not with the Spanish.

American Exploration

Before the 1800s, Americans mainly settled on the east coast of the United States. Very little was known about what was "out West."

Lewis and Clark

Famous explorers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark traveled to the Pacific Ocean and back. They were the first explorers to complete this lengthy and dangerous trip.

Zebulon Pike

Before Lewis and Clark returned from their expedition, Zebulon Pike began his. In 1803 President Jefferson bought the Louisiana Territory from France.

Stephen Long

In 1819 Major Stephen Long also explored the middle part of the United States (called the central plains). This was the first expedition to include a zoologist to study the animals, a geologist to study the rocks, and a botanist to study the plants.

The Path Finder

In the mid-1800s, Colonel John C. Frémont explored the west. He was a soldier, explorer, and later a politician.

Explorers from Kansas

Not only did explorers come to Kansas, they are Kansans. See if you can match Kansans with their claim to explorer fame.

Dare to do Dirt!

Where is the best place in Kansas to get cinnamon rolls? Do you know which town boasts the deepest hand dug well? Members of the Kansas Explorers club can tell you.

In This Issue:

  • For Parents & Teachers
  • Explore!
  • Visit History
  • Countdown to Statehood
  • The Write Stuff: Early Explorers
  • Exploration in Kansas
  • And in this Corner. . .Spain vs. France
  • Spanish Exploration: Now That's A Big Fish Story
  • Book Nook
  • French Exploration
  • History Lab
  • American Exploration
  • Help Wanted
  • Lewis and Clark
  • Zebulon Pike
  • Stephen Long
  • The Path Finder
  • Explorers from Kansas
  • Dare to Do Dirt
  • Kaleidoscope Challenge
  • Answers
  • Bee a Winner!

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