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Kansas Museum of History - 105 Counties, 105 Stories

105 Counties, 105 StoriesThe Kansas Museum of History presented 105 Counties, 105 Stories from March 1, 2019, to February 2, 2020. The exhibit is now closed.

Every person has stories to tell—stories about life, family, community, and times. Since 1875 the Kansas Historical Society has been collecting stories from all 105 counties in our great state. These stories are preserved in the thousands of artifacts, documents, photographs, and other records in our collections.

To create this special exhibit, we picked just one story to feature from each county. This was not an easy task. We asked all of the counties for their help. These stories feature rain wizards, war heroes, artists, business adventures, hard times, and happy endings. Here you'll discover distinctive stories from every corner of Kansas.

Connect with organizations in each of the 105 counties.