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Kansas Preservation - September-October 1983

Volume 5, Number 6

September-October 1983

Kansas Preservation was published quarterly by the Kansas Historical Society from 1978 - 2015.

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In this issue:

Preservation Funding Likely to Continue, page 1

Architect George P. Washburn to be Featured in Slide Show and Tour, page 1

Excavated Prehistoric Site Promises New Environmental Information, page 2

Four Properties Added to National Register, page 3

Senator Dole States His Views on Rehab Credits, page 3

Preservation Action Comments on Efforts to Curtail Rehab Credits, page 4

Jobs Bill Projects Are Progressing, page 5

Governor Appoints Board Members, page 5

Interior Marble Cleaned in Memorial Building, page 6

Historical Society to Hold Annual Meeting, page 7

Small Leaves HPD, page 8

Nominations Guide Available, page 8

Survey Projects Updated, page 8


Kansas Preservation was the newsletter of the Cultural Resources Division. To order back copies, please email us at KSHS.shpo@ks.gov.