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Kansas Settlers Traveling Trunk

Kansas Settlers Traveling Resource Trunk

Second, fourth, and seventh grade lesson plans included.

Available for use with any age.

Explore life in Kansas for those who called it home during the state's first fifty years of settlement.  These early Kansas settlers lived on farms and in towns.  They came to Kansas by wagon, boat, and train.  They worked, played, and went to school.  They had the opportunity to both shop for what they needed or make it themselves.  Learn about the lives of these people through an assortment of primary sources including objects, a teenager's diary, photographs, and music. 

Contents of trunk

Trunk Specifications

Weight: 40 lbs.
Dimensions: 28" long x 21" wide x 16" high
Insure for $500 when shipping

Reserve this trunk by filling out a Traveling Trunk request form, emailing kshs.education@ks.gov , or calling 785-272-8681, ext. 416.

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