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Kansas State Capitol - Online tour - Dome murals

Fifth Level

Dome muralsIn 1902 the four allegorical murals in the dome were painted by the firm of Crossman and Sturdy from Chicago. Each scene was done on canvas and cut and fitted onto the curved soffit. The decoration between scenes was painted directly on the plaster in the age-old technique of frescoing. The firm also designed the semi-relief statues and state seals located below the paintings.

  • Knowledge (east panel) is the woman in the center with Temperance on the left and Religion on the right
  • Peace (west panel) is the figure with a sheathed sword with Science on the left and Art are on the right
  • Plenty (north panel) is surround by Labor on her left and Agriculture on her right
  • Power (south panel) is the woman with a sword in her hand with a Spanish-American War soldier on the left and a Civil War Union soldier on the right

These murals replaced politically controversial works of art painted by Italian artist Jerome Fedeli in 1898. Hired by the Populist Party, Fedeli’s design included partially nude Grecian women. The Republican Party, among others, found them too risqúe and hired the Chicago firm to redecorate.