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Kansas Territory - Trunk Manual

Teaching Manual

Lessons and activities in the trunk are directed at a seventh and eighth audience, although the information and materials included in the trunk can be adapted for use with other ages. Worksheets, photographs, and other materials needed to teach the lessons are not included in this online version of the manual.


Background to Territorial Kansas' History

Lesson 1: Kansas Territory Timeline

Create a wall-sized timeline to learn about the major events that occurred in Kansas Territory and make cause-and-effect connections between the events and the debate over slavery.


Lesson 2: Kansas Territory Matrix

Explore Kansas Territory through the groups of settlers who moved there.  The name “Bleeding Kansas” was inspired by the conflict among these people.  Use primary source materials and reproduction objects to complete a graphic organizer identifying the motivations behind the different groups of settlers.


Lesson 3: Propaganda in the Territory


Read primary documents to learn about differing opinions in the debate over slavery.  Examine reproduction objects to determine how/if they were used as a form of propaganda.


Lesson 4: Territorial Objects

Learn about the physical history of Kansas Territory through reproduction objects included in the trunk. 


Lesson 5: Bleeding Kansas Bingo

Review Kansas Territory groups, objects, topics and people by playing a custom bingo game.


Read Kansas! M-11:  Dispute over Slavery in Kansas Territory

Use primary sources to understand the views of proslavery and antislavery settlers.


Read Kansas! M-14:  Territorial Characters

Become familiar with some of the people who lived in Kansas Territory.


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