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National History Day - 2005 results

National History Day logoWinners from Kansas in 2005








University of Maryland

2005 National History Day Medalists






Hammer and Hamilton, second place, junior group documentarySilver Medal

Anna Hamilton and Sjobor Hammer, Topeka Collegiate, Topeka

Junior Group Documentary - "'Walking the Path of Duty': William Allen White and the Ku Klux Klan"

Teacher - Travis Lamb

Received $500 to be split between them


National History Day 2005 Scholarships

University of Maryland Scholarship

Margaret A. Tran, Derby High School, Derby

Senior individual performance - "The War of the Worlds"

Teacher - Kendal Warkentine


Case Western Reserve University Scholarship

Elaina Murray, Seaman High School, Topeka

Senior historic paper - "Antiheroic antinovel:  Catch-22 and Its Influence on the Perception of Modern War"

Teacher - Susan Sittenauer


National History Day 2005 Special Honors

Outstanding State Entry - Junior Division

Fowler, B. Hofmeier, S. Hofmeier, and Jamison, Outstanding state entry, Jr. Group ExhibitEvan P. Fowler, Ben V. Hofmeier, Sam E. Hofmeier, and Andrew Jamison, Robert Goddard Middle School, Goddard

Junior Group Exhibit - "U.S. Combat Art:  Communicating Eyewitness Accounts of Military History, A Key to Understanding the Essence of War"

Teacher - Larry Mark


Outstanding State Entry - Senior Division

Rusty Manyo, Outstanding state entry senior division, Sr. Individual documentaryRusty Manyo, Uniontown High School, Uniontown

Senior individual documentary - "From Fort Scott, Kansas to the World:  Gordon Parks Communicates through Photography"

Teacher - Norman Conard



Other Kansas Finalists 2005

Sean Weston, Kansas finalist, Jr. historical paperSean Weston, Eisenhower Middle School, Manhattan

Junior historical paper - "Companies, Consumers, and Communication: How Understanding of the Consumer Has Changed, 1950-2000"

Teacher - Terry Healy




Robert Hamilton, Kansas finalist, Jr. individual performanceRobert Hamilton, Topeka Collegiate School, Topeka

Junior individual performance - "Dr. Samuel J. Crumbine:  Communicating Public Health Reform in Kansas"

Teacher - Lanny Moyer




Natasha LaForce, Kansas finalist, Jr. individual performanceNatasha LaForce, Reno Valley Middle School, Hutchinson

Junior Individual Performance - "Energy Rightly Applied Can Accomplish Anything"

Teacher - Heather Sazama


Laura Parkinson, Lawrence High School, Lawrence

Senior individual performance - "Nellie Bly: 'Bring Da Broom Along'"

Teacher - Michael Ortmann


Timmia Hearn Feldman, Kansas finalist, Sr. individual performanceTimmia Hearn Feldman, Central Junior High, Lawrence

Senior individual performance - "Unlocking the Door:  Helen Keller and Annie Sullivan's Key to Communication"

Teacher - Dari Hilbert




Samuel Huneke, Kansas finalist, Sr. individual documentarySamuel Huneke, Lawrence High School, Lawrence

Senior individual documentary - "The Nurnberg Rallies:  Communication of the Nazi Order"

Teacher - Michael Ortmann