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National History Day - 2008 images

meeting on the commonsFort Scott delegationHistory Day friends






Amma, 1996 Kansas champ, joins delegation

Delegation gathersAdventure begins






Proud motherGreat memories and good friendsMaryland can be warm in June!





Where is the rest of the Kansas delegation?Family supportVeteran history day teachers, Marcia Fox and Norm Conard

Thursday - day of awards ceremony





Meeting on the commonsFort Scott representatives






Anna's Junior exhibitCooper's Junior exhibitMichael's Senior exhibit











Rachel's Senior exhibitMorgan, Emily  and Kelci's Junior exhibit Sophie and Sophie's Junior exhibit











Family supportHere we go to the awards

Gathering the Kansas crew together




Kansas delegation

Kansas delegation in the opening parade

Parading before the contest







Troy and Sam are proud to represent KansasAnxiously awaiting the start of the ceremonyCarry Nation represented Kansas at the HIstory Day parade