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National History Day - 2008 results

National History Day

Kansas Competitors at National History DayUniversity of Maryland






Winners from Kansas in 2008

2008 National History Day Medalists

Lamb, Lui, and Carpenter, 1st place, Jr. group documentaryGold Medal

Shelby Carpenter, Nyalia Lui, and Soren Lamb, Topeka Collegiate School, Topeka

Junior group performance - "Asa Philip Randolph, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Franklin Roosevelt: Conflict and Compromise in Negotiating Executive Order 8802"

Teacher - Travis Lamb.

They share an award of $1,000


Sjobor Hammer, first place, senior individual documentaryGold Medal

Sjobor Hammer, Topeka High, Topeka

Senior individual documentary - "Bones of Contention: Battling for Human Dignity at the Salina Indian Burial Pit"

Teacher - Harry M. Peterson, Jr.

She received a $5,000 History Channel Award


National History Day 2008 Special Honors

Tate and Lauger, Outstanding state entry - Jr. exhibit

Tate and Lauger, Outstanding State junior entry

Outstanding State Entry -  Junior Division

Sophie Tate and Sophie Lauger, Central Junior High School, Lawrence

Junior group exhibit - "The Story That Has Not Been Told": Conflict and Compromise within Topeka's Black Community at the Time of Brown vs. Topeka Board of Education"

Teacher - Christine Connor



Korematsu v. United StatesMichael Wollin, Outstanding State Entry, Senior divisionOutstanding State Entry - Senior Division
Michael Wollin, Seaman High School, Topeka

Senior individual exhibit - "Korematsu v. United States"

Teacher - Susan Sittenauer





National History Day 2008 Other Kansas Finalists


Elizabeth Cady StantonMorganne Wiltse, Emily Risley, and Kelci Glover, Wilbur Middle School, Wichita

Junior group exhibit - "Elizabeth Cady Stanton"

Teacher - Barbara Brotton







Mullican, Henriquez, and Chanay, Jr. group documentary (picture from state contest)Julian Mullican, Nicky Henriquez, and Alex Chanay, Topeka Collegiate

Junior group documentary - "Deemed Necessary: The Wartime Internment and Restrictions of Rights of Japanese Americans"

Teacher - Travis Lamb



Receiving award at state contest for 2nd place, Jr. group documentaryPatrick Elisha and Reston Phillips, Topeka Collegiate, Topeka

Junior group documentary - "The Merging of Black and White Jazz Groups, Locals 627 and 34: A Compromise Made for a New Beginning in the Jazz Era"

Teacher -  Travis Lamb






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