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Native Americans and the Buffalo

Guided tour — Fort Hays State Historic Site, Hays

Admission and transportation subsidies are available to schools in twenty-six northwest Kansas counties for this tour.

Grades — Pre-K to adult

To the Plains Indians, "Tahtonka" provided all the necessary elements of life. They not only ate the meat but fashioned tools and weapons from the bones and made clothing and shelter from the skin. Nothing was wasted. Find out what a quirt and parfleche are made from and what parts of the bison were used to make cooking pots and water containers. Reproduction American Indian items such as a coup stick, cradleboard, pipe, tomahawk, bow and arrows and many other useful items will also be shown in this is a hands-on program.

Buffalo bladder









Cost per student for guided tours including museum admission: $6.  One adult enters free for every 10 students. Additional adults pay $5.

Number of students in a group: 30

Length of tour: Approximately one hour.

Registration and scheduling: Contact Site administrator, 785-625-6812; email Fort hays at kshs.forthays@ks.gov. Tours must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance.

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